Down is the most important thing to Moncler. Since the beginning of the Company’s history, down has been at the heart of every Moncler jacket, gradually becoming the identity of the Brand itself.
Many years of experience, combined with continuous research and development, have enabled the Company to gain unique expertise in this area, in terms of knowledge not only of down as a raw material, but also of outerwear manufacturing processes. Moncler requires all its suppliers to comply with the highest quality standards, which have always been – and indeed remain – a key aspect differentiating Moncler’s products. But the Company’s notion of quality goes even further: indeed, when purchasing raw materials, the origin of the down used and respect for animal welfare are as essential and important as the quality of the down itself.

The technical quality of Moncler’s down is the result of a well-structured process that ensures that only the best white goose down is used to create the garments. Each batch of down undergoes a two-step inspection procedure to assess its compliance with 11 key quality parameters, including health and cleanliness, set according to the strictest international standards and to stringent Company requirements. The procedure involves sophisticated analyses by an accredited independent body, followed by further tests at Moncler’s own laboratory performed by highly-specialised down technicians. Approximately 720 tests were performed in 2017.

Down cluster content and fill power are the main indicators of down quality. Moncler’s products contain at least 90% down clusters and only 10% feathers/small feathers. This high percentage of down cluster guarantees a high fill power, which is the amount of volume occupied by the down: the higher the fill power, the better the down’s performance in terms of lightness, thermal capacity, and insulating properties. Moncler’s down boasts a fill power equal to or greater than 710 (cubic inches per 30 grams of down), resulting in warm, soft, and lightweight products delivering unique comfort.