Moncler operates in an international and multicultural context. It cherishes diversity as an asset to be valued and as a source of competitive advantage for the company.

Welcoming everyone, celebrating diversity everywhere, expressing ourselves always are core aspects of Moncler’s culture and determining factors for its growth and its way of doing business. Moncler thrives on multiplicity and engages with all generations and cultures, convinced that diversity is an essential and enriching element.

As stated in the Code of Ethics and in keeping with its inclusive approach, the Group does not tolerate any form of discrimination based on ethnic origin, skin colour, gender, sexual orientation, religion, nationality, age, political affiliation, trade union membership, marital status, physical or mental disability, or any other personal characteristic or condition. Respect for diversity and equal opportunities and the prevention of all forms of discrimination are key principles which Moncler is committed to guaranteeing at every step of the employment relationship, from the recruitment process and definition of remuneration package, to opportunities for professional growth, through to the conclusion of the employment relationship.

In 2020 Moncler committed to strengthening the diversity and inclusion culture, internally and externally, embarking in a diversity and inclusion journey. To that end it established the Diversity and Inclusion Council, a task force composed of the People & Organization, Legal Affairs, Sustainability, and Marketing and Communication departments who will report to the Nomination and Remuneration Committee on initiatives developed during the year. The committee will receive support from external professionals who will contribute advice on specific topics, and in general, an outside perspective.

The Diversity and Inclusion Council aims to evaluate current policies and initiatives and define a clear vision which, consistently and in synergy with its business vision, will allow Moncler to reach an outstanding level in the field of D&I by working on areas of improvement, launching new diversity initiatives, and monitoring and measuring progress with a particular focus on the specificities of the local communities where the Company operates. This is a deeply rooted cultural reinforcement process mirrored in Moncler’s values, including

“Bring other voices in” which represents the Company’s ability to thrive on multiplicity and find harmony in diversity, and “Keep warm” which emphasizes the importance of a workplace where people always feel accepted and part of a cohesive and united group and where all are encouraged to reach their full potential. Bringing together people with diverse expertise, experience and socio-cultural backgrounds has always enabled the Company to rise to the challenges of an increasingly global and borderless market. As a reflection of this, at the Italian corporate offices alone, there are employees of 39 different nationalities. In 2020, on this note, an important role was played by the cultural awareness sessions developed to foster respect for geographical diversity and to recommend better, more effective ways of interacting and communicating with colleagues from different cultures.

In the Americas, D&I was reinforced through four e-learning courses that explained what we mean by diversity and inclusion, how to foster an inclusive organization, how unconscious bias affects our decisions, and how to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace.

In 2020 the people satisfaction survey, MONVoice, was expanded to include a Diversity & Inclusion section where employees were asked for their personal views on the topic and provide suggestions for future action.

Also, during the year, some new initiatives were introduced in an effort to raise awareness and promote diversity and inclusion. These include Future Academy, in partnership with The Face magazine, and Girl Up, a global leadership development programme for girls and young women.

During the year, the Company received one complaint for alleged discrimination, concerning an employee of the subsidiary Moncler USA Inc. After investigating the complaint, the episode was not recognized as a case of discrimination, and the outcome was discussed with the employee during the second half of the year.

Because Moncler understands the importance of maintaining and promoting human rights and respecting the rights of workers, in line with the principles set out in the Code of Ethics, it is committed to communicate transparently how it investigates and resolves all cases of alleged discrimination.

The Company’s awareness of the value and opportunities arising from cultural diversity is also reflected in the absolute confidence that Moncler has in its personnel and local management.

With regard to gender differences, women make up the majority of Moncler’s workforce. Around 72% of employees are women, essentially unchanged since 2019.

The percentage of women is also high in all geographical areas and employee categories. There are 260 women at managerial level (managers, executives and senior executives), up by 10% compared to 2019, representing 56% of employees in management positions.

Women account for 73% of the workforce with a permanent contract and 66% of temporary employees. About 71% (107) of the temporary contracts converted to permanent ones in 2020 were for women.

During the year there was further growth in the percentage of women with permanent full-time contracts out of the total permanent workforce (68%).

As for the gender breakdown by length of service, age group, and level of education, there were no differences compared with the overall trend.

Moncler is committed to offering equal pay for equal skills, expertise, and professional experience, ensuring the principle of equal opportunities without bias. Excluding managers, the differences in men’s and women’s salary levels range between 6% and 12%.

The Company has long been committed to employing people with disabilities. Moncler manages diversity in accordance with the rules and practices of laws in force, and encourages Company departments to employ disabled people. All new hires are managed with due respect and consideration for their needs and capabilities, providing suitable workstations and adapting work hours as required. By doing so, people are protected and empowered to give their best.

At 31 December 2020, the number of employees with disabilities in Italy, Romania, France, Japan and South Korea was 56 in total, unchanged since 2019. In the next few years, the Group will continue to plan the recruitment of additional people with varying levels of disability, also by collaborating with institutions specifically tasked with helping disabled people find employment.


In 2020, the gender equality index reached 80/100 points for the company Moncler France.
(En 2020, l’index de l’égalité femmes-hommes s’élève à 80/100 points pour la société Moncler France).


In 2020 Moncler began collaborating with the British magazine The Face to launch Future Academy, a programme offering paid training opportunities to aspiring young creatives as a way to gain experience and make valuable contacts for their future.

In November, together with the Create Jobs programme, the research of the two candidates has been initiated focusing on underrepresented backgrounds with an emphasis on inclusivity. The individuals were recruited from underrepresented groups in

the creative industries, such as people of colour, Asian and ethnic minorities, the LGBTQI+ community, people with disabilities, and those from underprivileged socio-economic backgrounds. The two selected candidates will have the opportunity to embark in a paid internship at The Face in London and Moncler in Milan, following a tailor-made programme under the guidance of industry leaders. They will receive a 360° crash course in the world of media and design and work towards the end

goal of creating an editorial project for The Face. In addition to the two paid positions, Future Academy will also take on 50 individuals from underrepresented backgrounds who will be able to freely access online master classes and virtual mentorships set up by The Face and its network of creatives.


The MONCLER GENIUS 2020 project has partnered with Girl Up, a global leadership development initiative for girls and young women.

The partnership has produced a limited edition outerwear piece made of black nylon, the Brand’s signature fabric, and bears the 2 MONCLER 1952 and the Girl Up logo. “IT’S HER RIGHT” is the statement printed in large characters, reflecting designer Veronica Leoni’s conviction that every girl has the right to create her own

place in society without encountering barriers along the way.

Established by the United Nations Foundation in 2010, Girl Up encourages young women to become leaders in the movement for gender equality. Veronica Leoni is an enthusiastic supporter of equal opportunities and female solidarity and believes strongly in the positive change they can bring to society. Her collections are a celebration of women’s powerful, sophisticated energy, making this

partnership with Girl Up a natural fit.

Moncler has also participated with a donation and the production of t-shirts with the slogan “IT’S HER RIGHT”, worn by the Girl Up teen advisors to raise awareness of gender equality and to celebrate all the girls who make their voices heard and commit to supporting the movement to promote women’s talent, women’s rights, and the opportunity to be leaders.