2022 was a year of great emotions and successes that have exceeded our own expectations.


I am proud to present excellent results, whose value is even more significant if we consider the complicated context in which they were achieved. In 2022 Moncler Group exceeded 2.6 billion euros in revenues, with over 600 million euros in net profit. Moncler and Stone Island achieved – respectively – a record of 2.2 billion and 400 million euros in revenues, with solid growth achieved across all geographies in both channels, boosted by the strong momentum of both brands.


It was also a highly symbolic year: the one of the 70th anniversary of Moncler and the 40th anniversary of Stone Island, during which we celebrated the journey of these two extraordinary brands. Above all we started planning for tomorrow, because we know that past success must always inspire new ambitions.


Looking at 2023, the macroeconomic environment remains complex and characterized by continued uncertainty, but also by many opportunities. Despite the unpredictability of the scenario in which we operate, we face the year with confidence and energy, conscious of our flexible and reactive organization and of our clear strategic vision whose priority is to continue strengthening our brands, always involving and inspiring new communities, “Beyond Fashion, Beyond Luxury.”


Remo Ruffini, Chairman and CEO of Moncler S.p.A