Through an increasingly multichannel vision, the Group ensures clients a personalised, seamless and consistent brand experience across all channels.

The Moncler Group attributes a central role to the client. Every contact moment is an opportunity to welcome and get to know clients, but also share, engage, surprise and get feedback. Every project and initiative aim to improve the client shopping experience by involving them more and more into the Moncler and Stone Island world.

Over the last few years Moncler has developed the important Retail Excellence project, which has been pivotal for the development of a strong Direct-to-Customer (DTC) culture, and that involved different areas, from the redesign of the client experience to the organisation of stores and of sales personnel, to the redefinition of working processes and methods. The aim is to get to know and engage clients, increasing their loyalty and developing an increasingly omnichannel approach. The project, renamed Omnichannel Excellence, has also been implemented at Stone Island with a first test in 2021.

Digitalisation of stores has played an important role in the project since its inception, helping to turn stores into places for even more unique and personalised experiences through a comprehensive technological management of stores and enabled by systems such as Match to Traffic, which allows activities to be scheduled on the sales floor thus improving the service to clients.

A digital payment service is also active at a global level, allowing purchases to be finalised directly on the sales floor and without having to go to the checkout, thus making the in-store experience even more enjoyable and faster.
The Moncler Group’s omnichannel model is designed around an experience and a purchasing process in which online and offline coexist. A process designed for clients who follows non-linear paths, that interacts with the brand in physical stores as well as in the online store and through the various digital channels, living a consistent, personalised and perfectly integrated experience while being increasingly involved in a real community.

One of the most representative examples of this transformation was the Omnichannel New Experience (ONE) project, which led to the internalisation of the Moncler e-commerce channel, with a gradual implementation by geographic area. Following the launch of Moncler’s directly operated online channel in Korea in 2019, in 2020 the e-commerce site was internalised in the United States and Canada, ending in 2021 with Europe, Japan and China and the launch of the new full omnichannel e-commerce platform.
The new platform is based on a concept inspired by the world of entertainment, ensuring smooth navigation and a distinctive experience with dedicated content and services, and that will include also products customisation in the future.

The e-commerce site offers various omnichannel services: Click and Reserve, Click from Store, Return in Store, Exchange in Store, Pick Up in Store and Book an Appointment. Through these services, clients can manage their purchases in a flexible way, benefiting from the full potential of the various contact channels. It becomes possible to reserve an item online and then try it on and eventually buy it in store (Click and Reserve), to order an item in store with the support of the Client Advisor and receive it conveniently at home (Click from Store), to return or exchange the item directly in store, even if the purchase was made online (Return & Exchange in Store) and even buy online and then collect the item directly in store (Pick Up in Store); or, to book an appointment with a Client Advisor in store (Book an Appointment). These omnichannel services were also launched by Stone Island during 2021 in Italy, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Korea, and the United States with the aim of implementing them at a global level in the future.

In response to the Covid-19 health emergency situation, the Distance Sale service was digitalised in Moncler to allow clients to purchase garments safely from home, by telephone or videocall, with the support of sales personnel. Moncler also introduced the Smart Entrance service to manage and optimise the presence of clients at retail stores. Moncler aims to launch a new tool to support its sales personnel: Moncler Live Boutique, designed to improve the management of virtual appointments and distance sales.


Ensuring consistency and synergy between all touch points in terms of actions, communication and approach to clients is increasingly important to ensure a unique relationship with the Moncler brand. With this view, the philosophy and principles of Retail Excellence, aimed at improving the client purchasing experience and involvement in the Moncler universe, have also been extended to all partners in the wholesale channel, starting with the monobrand stores and airports.

Transferring the retail channel’s best practices to the wholesale channel required specific initiatives involving different areas of action: from in-store training to defining personalised moments with the client, to extending after-sales services, to consolidating client service activities, to integrating all the information useful to identify stores and communication.

Starting in 2020, Moncler revised its wholesale channel distribution policy, adopting a selective distribution system aimed at guaranteeing compliance with strict qualitative and quantitative criteria and at maintaining a positioning consistent with the Brand. Compliance with these criteria is necessary both to join and to remain within Moncler’s distribution network, and is designed to ensure the alignment of all distributors with the Brand’s image, prestige and reputation in addition to a high level of service to the client. Specific rules on the presence of other brands sold by the distributor, the type of premises, how products are showcased, the space allocated to Moncler products, personnel skills and the type of packaging are included in addition to other requirements.

Moncler also periodically subjects its business partners to audits, in accordance with the ISO 9000 standard, that are carried out both by Moncler personnel and by independent third-parties to verify the management of the Brand and the compliance with its service and quality principles. Starting in 2022, this activity will also be extended to the Stone Island wholesale channel.

Since 2020, with the aim of ensuring a high level of client service also in the after-sale phase of the wholesale channel, an after-sales service was launched through a web app for monobrand stores, with an initial activation phase in America and Europe; it will be extended to other countries including China7, Korea, Singapore and Australia in the upcoming years.

Stone Island historically attributes a strategic role to the wholesale channel, through which consolidating long-lasting partnerships built on trust. Wholesale partners are regarded as brand value ambassadors, client advisors and hold the role of enhancing Stone Island’s image.

There are several training moments, during which information on company philosophy, product and collections characteristics are shared.

Over the years, the Company has assigned greater prestige to its products due both to a selective approach in the choice of wholesale clients and to the numerous activities aimed at strengthening the brand experience, in offline and online channels, for example through visual merchandising courses, the organisation of dedicated events and marketing activation initiatives. In line with this approach, each season, product newsletters, editorials, and digital materials on the brand’s products, history and philosophy, are shared with some clients, and effective experiential brand communication initiatives are implemented at retail stores to ensure partners alignment with Stone Island’s image and positioning.

Stone Island’s return and repair policy ensures that clients can return garments both to monobrand stores and to the wholesale channel, in addition to the opportunity of benefiting from a dedicated repair service. Where repairs require complex procedures, the garment is picked up and repaired at the Ravarino (Modena) workshop, while for simple repairs, Stone Island provides a kit to the wholesale partner so that the process can be carried out at the store. Every stage of the relationships with partners ensures a constant contact with client care, attentive to any issue.


Listening to clients is a fundamental strategic activity to offer a service that is increasingly aligned and consistent with clients’ desires and expectations. The VIBE project, adopted at a global level by the Moncler brand and that will be implemented by the Stone Island brand during 2022, involves the systematic collection of feedback from local clients after each purchase through a quick questionnaire that analyses, on a scale of satisfaction from 1 to 5, various aspects of the experience, including hospitality, personalisation and service.

The objective of the project is to identify and redress any cases of dissatisfaction, but above all, to support and focus the Client Advisor on getting to know clients even more so as to establish a long-term relationship.

The survey is structured into five steps: the day after the purchase clients receive, by email or SMS, a summary of their purchase which they can save and a questionnaire of five questions. Client feedback (VIBE) is immediately reported in the clienteling app available to the Client Advisor, who will then be able to see the comment left by the client and thank them in order to strengthen the relationship. In case of dissatisfaction, the Store Manager will be tasked with finding a solution that fully meets the client’s expectations and initiatives aimed at improving the in-store experience.

At the end of 2021 the Moncler brand maintained a high VIBE score of 92 (on a scale of 1 to 100), which measures the clients’ willingness to recommend Moncler to others, in line with 2020. The Company aims to achieve a score of 94 for the coming year.

Moncler also has a worldwide direct client communication channel, Client Service, which is, not only, a reference point of contact for clients, but a channel for constant dialogue with a view to continuous improvement. The service handles support requests from clients from the various channels, physical and digital, in an omnichannel perspective at global level. The company’s goal is to complete the digitalisation of Client Service by strengthening its social media presence, using instant messaging, implementing web chat and integrating clienteling activities.

The Client Moment project is aimed at supporting Client Advisors in identifying and personalising client engagement moments. Multiple “contact moments” have been identified, from those related to the product such as the launch of a new collection (Product Moments), to cross-cutting occasions such as international holidays (Festivity Moments), to personal ones such as birthdays (Personal Client Moments). Each of them represents an important opportunity for Moncler to create value for its clients, build relationships of trust and deliver a highly distinctive and engaging experience. Thanks to the digital Client Relationship Management (CRM) application, the Client Advisor identifies and selects various client moments for each client that translate into personalised appointments at Moncler stores, during which the client is followed exclusively by their trusted Client Advisor. This CRM platform also makes it possible to manage client lists in the most efficient way possible during the various collection launches, with a particular focus on local clients.

Furthermore, in an environment characterised by increasingly intense interaction between Client Advisors and clients, growing integration between the physical and digital channels, and restrictions to movement due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Moncler’s clienteling app, MonClient, has taken on a role of fundamental importance.
The application is based on a centralised and integrated management of the CRM calendar, enabling Client Advisors to manage appointments, plan and record activities related to the Client Moment, check product availability, make sales, enhance client database and handle after-sales requests. Moncler aims to further update the MonClient app during 2022 by integrating new features to support a proactive client relationship management.

As use of technology by clients accelerates, Moncler’s clienteling is becoming increasingly relational and supported by social platforms as well as by digital tools such as video messaging, digital appointments, distance sales and phygital events, creating new synergies between physical stores and digital channels, accompanying clients in discovering the Brand and interacting with them despite the limitations imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic.

After-sales assistance as an integral part of the client experience

The after-sales phase is another important moment in the relationship with clients for ensuring a positive client experience with the Moncler brand even after the purchase phase. Highly personalised and tailored services are offered to satisfy all clients requests, by putting style and collection experts at the individual’s disposal.

After defining a global policy in 2017, identifying local tailors of quality and providing stores with a replacement accessories kit to ensure fast and excellent service, over the last three years Moncler has strengthened the organisation of its after-sales management in the countries in which it operates, including through the creation of central platforms for handling repairs. This process has resulted in increasingly widespread and rapid after-sales service.

To extend garment durability, also with a view to sustainability, since 2021 the pilot project for the Extra-Life repair service is active in France, Italy and Denmark. As a result, the company has also begun to handle repair issues such as holes in fabric and those affecting garments purchased many years before. These repairs were not managed in the past as they would have changed the style of the garment. The project will be extended at worldwide level during 2022.

In 2021, 90% of all types of repair requests were fulfilled.

In 2021, the willingness to build a direct connection between clients and repair platforms led Moncler to define the approach to develop the Distant Repairs service in America, which will be implemented in 2022. Also, Moncler refined the already existing one in Europe and Japan.

With this service the Client Service arrange a pick-up of the garment directly from the client if the client cannot visit the store.

Since 2020, the VIBE After Sale has also been implemented at global level to allow the systematic collection of feedback from clients who have benefited from after-sales services, and during 2021 the “Frequently Asked Questions” section of the website dedicated to after-sales services was enriched with additional information on garment care so as to answer clients’ questions.


With the aim of making the client experience even more personalised and unique, in 2021 Moncler launched the Moncler by Me service at its flagship store on the Champs-Elysées in Paris.
Within this project, clients are welcomed in the

store’s Personalisation room, where, with the help of a digital configurator, they can choose between two models of winter outerwear, customise five areas of the garment (the inner lining, sleeves, hood and front and back of the outerwear), in addition to add the initials of their names and

surnames and/or the Moncler coq.
Once the personalisation experience is over, the client receives a video of the jacket as a digital souvenir before the garment is delivered to the client’s home or picked up at the store.


7 China country includes the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong SAR, Macao SAR, and Taiwan.