Moncler has always believed in research and innovation as key drivers for continuous development and improvement. This belief extends even beyond the Company boundaries. Moncler is committed to ensure that research is constantly supported,

also in medical and scientific sectors and therefore, actively supports researchers in their daily activities through grants and scholarships. Support for specific research on Covid-19 continued in 2021 for a number of entities such as the Vita-Salute San Raffaele University of Milan.

During the year more than 400,000 euros were donated for scholarships and grants to support researchers from the Umberto Veronesi Foundation and to a number of associations and foundations involved in supporting the sick.


The Umberto Veronesi Foundation was established in 2003 to support high-profile, innovative and independent scientific research on cancer. Its promoters include eleven Nobel Prize winners who form the Foundation’s Honorary Committee.
Scientific research is supported through research grants for doctors and scientists working in the most advanced fields of oncology, cardiology and neuroscience. Since its establishment, the Foundation has funded more than 2,000 doctors and scientists engaged in cutting-edge scientific projects and about 137 research projects.
Moreover, the Foundation is active in the field of scientific divulgation through conferences, projects with schools, awareness-raising campaigns and publications.

In 2013, the Foundation launched the Pink is Good project to offer concrete support for research on breast cancer and to raise awareness on its prevention. Moncler has actively supported the project since its inception: every year, part of the revenues generated by its main Italian stores from a day in October are donated to this initiative and clients are given an information brochure to raise awareness on prevention.
In 2021, once again, Moncler supported four researchers from the Umberto Veronesi Foundation involved in the study of breast and pancreas cancer. In addition, Moncler continued to support the Foundation’s commitment to paediatric oncology by contributing to the Gold for Kids project, which aims to raise awareness on the delicate issue of paediatric and adolescent cancers.

The project promotes research on these diseases and contribute to the development of innovative treatment protocols that offer young patients cutting-edge therapies and higher chances of recovery.

To promote research related to the effects of Covid-19, in 2021, Moncler collaborated with the Umberto Veronesi Foundation for the development of a protocol to study whether immunomodulatory drugs, used to enhance or switch off immune defences, already used in patients with diseases affecting the immune system (such as leukaemia and multiple sclerosis) may have a positive effect also on patients in the acute stage of Covid-19.