Moncler has always believed in research and innovation as key drivers for continuous development and improvement. This belief even stretches beyond the Company boundaries. Moncler is committed to ensure that research

is constantly supported, also in medical and scientific sectors and therefore, actively supports researchers in their daily activities through grants and scholarships.
In 2023 more than 350,000 euros were donated

for scholarships and grants to support researchers from the Umberto Veronesi Foundation and to a number of associations and foundations involved in supporting the sick, including Theodora onlus and the European Institute of Oncology.


The Umberto Veronesi Foundation  was founded in 2003 to promote excellence in scientific oncological research and projects aimed at prevention, health education and scientific dissemination. Its promoters include 11 Nobel Prize winners who form the Foundation’s Honorary Committee.
Scientific research is supported through research grants for doctors and researchers in the most advanced fields of oncology. Since its establishment, the Foundation has funded more than 2,200 doctors and scientists engaged in cutting-edge scientific projects and over 140 research projects.
Moreover, the Foundation is active in the field of scientific divulgation through conferences, projects with schools, awareness-raising campaigns and publications.

In 2013, the Foundation launched the Pink is Good project to offer concrete support for research on breast cancer and to raise awareness on its prevention. Moncler has actively supported the project since its inception.
Also in 2023 Moncler supported two researchers from the Umberto Veronesi Foundation involved in the study of breast and pancreas cancer.
Moncler also continued to support the Foundation in its commitment to paediatric oncology, contributing to the creation of PALM (Paediatric Acute Leukemia of Myeloid origin), a national network of institutes specialising in oncohematology coordinated by the Bambin Gesù Paediatric Hospital, aimed at the first clinical trial in Europe of the gene therapy using CAR-NK cells a and the development of new diagnostic methods

for acute myeloid leukaemia, a very aggressive blood cancer that affects around 70 children a year in Italy.
Lastly, to promote research into the effects of climate change on the environment and thus on human health, since 2022 Moncler has been supporting a research project by the Umberto Veronesi Foundation on the ability of some plant species to adapt to less favourable climate conditions. The study focuses in particular on identifying the mechanisms used by specific varieties of cotton to survive or optimise growth in drought situations. The goal of the study is to understand how to improve the resilience of selected species for agriculture in a less favourable environmental scenario and with limited water resources.