Message of the Chairman

The year 2017 was full of accomplishments for Moncler. Once again, we achieved brilliant results that testify to the effectiveness of our strategy and, above all, to the passion, energy, and extraordinary professionalism of Moncler’s people.
We are proud of these achievements, which are not a point of arrival but a stepping stone toward increasingly ambitious challenges to reach new heights. Our ability to look forward guides us in creating long-term value, in the awareness that our growth needs to be first and foremost sustainable, and that we have a responsibility towards people, the environment, the communities in which we operate and, more in general, towards all our stakeholders.
In a rapidly changing world that often raises concerns on sustainability for future generations, Moncler, as a multinational company, knows it must take responsibility on issues of global relevance. For this reason, we committed to doing our part in achieving the goals published in the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, which sets out the priorities for contributing to global development, promoting human wellbeing, and protecting the environment.

In 2017, we also met all of the commitments made in the Sustainability Plan while taking further steps forward.
After its implementation at all our offices and stores in Italy, the occupational health and safety management system was extended to our production site in Romania.
We continued to promote greater awareness of ethical and social aspects among our suppliers by establishing a constructive and direct dialogue with our main strategic partners. In 2017, 100% of the down purchased was certified as per DIST Protocol (Down Integrity System & Traceability), developed by Moncler to ensure respect for animal welfare, traceability, and quality across the supply chain.
Clients continued to be at the centre of our priorities through a comprehensive approach, resulting in a significant increase in interaction and loyalty and in the consolidation of Moncler’s digital presence worldwide.
As evidence of our attention to the environment, we set out the Group Environmental Policy and implemented an ISO 14001-certified Environmental Management System at the production site in Romania.

Moreover, we upheld our commitment to communities through scientific research, social development initiatives, and emergency relief.
These goals were also achieved thanks to integrated sustainability governance, entailing the direct involvement of our senior management, and the fundamental contribution of all 3,500 Moncler employees worldwide.
The future is open to those who are willing to take on new challenges, love change, and innovate with passion, while remaining true to their values and heritage. This is what guides us day after day in creating long-term value.


Remo Ruffini, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer