Born on 1 April 2021, Moncler Group, with its two brands – Moncler and Stone Island –, represents the expression of a new concept of luxury, which embraces the search for experientiality, inclusivity, a sense of belonging to a community and the mixing of diverse meanings and worlds including those of art, culture, music and sport. United by the “beyond fashion, beyond luxury” philosophy, these two Italian brands strengthen their ability to interpret the evolving cultural

codes of the new generations. Alongside maintaining their brands’ identities highly independent and based on authenticity, on the constant search for uniqueness and on the extraordinary bond with the consumers’ communities, the Group intends to bring together its entrepreneurial and managerial cultures as well as business knowledge and technical know-how of its brands to strengthen their competitiveness and enhance their important growth potential, while sharing the

culture of sustainability. The 2020-2025 Strategic Sustainability Plan confirms the Group’s commitment to sustainable development and how environmental and social responsibility are an increasingly integral part of the business model. The Plan focuses on five strategic priorities: climate change and biodiversity, circular economy, responsible sourcing, valuing diversity and supporting local communities.