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Moncler believes that not only is important to reach our results but, even more so, we value the way these results have been reached.

The Board of Directors and the Management Team of Moncler are, therefore, highly committed in carrying out fair, honest and ethical business, in compliance with the applicable laws and local regulations worldwide.
This is the only possible way to conduct business, and we are convinced that business ethical conduct will further contribute to enhance Moncler brand value, strengthen customers’ loyalty and reinforce our competitive position.

Moncler Anti-Corruption Policy shall represent a helpful tool and a guide to carry out our daily activities in an ethical manner, ensuring value creation and protecting our deep beliefs.

For this reason, the declaration of anti-corruption principles and actions is supported by internal training activities and awareness on the main areas of risks. Furthermore, the most relevant conduct and control principles indicated within the Policy, are constantly monitored and subject to periodical audits.

  Anti-Corruption Policy