Moncler is committed to contribute to the well-being of the community in which it operates, both by promoting independent projects, and by supporting organisations working in the social sphere on issues such as young people assistance, diversity and inclusion, and the spread of a culture of respect for the environment.
Young people and their future have always been an issue of great importance for Moncler, which for many years has been supporting struggling young people to ensure them access to medical care, an adequate level of education and a clear growth path. This is implemented through partnerships with associations and foundations, including Francesca Rava – N.P.H., Dynamo Camp, San Patrignano

Community, I Bambini delle Fate, and Amici di Cometa Onlus.

Another issue that is of great importance to the Moncler Group is diversity, equity and inclusion. The Group is aware of how discrimination can be a threat to the community and also how significant it is to create a sense of acceptance and enhancement of diversity. In particular, in 2020 Moncler began implementing initiatives to promote an increasingly inclusive culture. In this context are encompassed the donations made to organisations committed to promote diversity and equal opportunity, including the LeBron James Foundation, Heritage of Pride the magazine The Face. With the latter, also in 2023 the Group

continued the Future Academy programme, which provides paid training opportunities for young people who want to join the creative industry, enabling them to acquire new skills and building a series of contacts of great value for their future.

Moncler also supports activities and projects related to the protection and preservation of the environment. Particularly, in recent years the Company has supported the Ev-K2-CNR Association’s Keep Karakorum Clean and Keep K2 Clean initiatives aimed at cleaning up the mountains and has developed a voluntary project with Legambiente to reduce plastic use and promote plastic recycling.


Ev-K2-CNR is a private, non-profit association that promotes collaborative development projects and scientific research activities in mountain regions. The association’s activity, which is also carried out in collaboration with international organisations such as WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature), UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme), UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) and WMO (World Meteorological Organization), ICIMOD (International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development) and local organisations focuses on studying and monitoring climate changes, on safeguarding biodiversity and on the development of mountain populations.
United by the passion and respect for mountains, Ev-K2-CNR and Moncler have collaborated since 2014 to promote environmental restoration and education programmes such as Keep Karakorum 

Clean and Keep K2 Clean. Thanks to these initiatives, developed in collaboration with local institutions and populations, base camps are annually cleaned up from waste and restored to their natural condition. In recent years, thanks to the cooperation with the authorities of Central Karakorum National Park (CKNP) and Gilgit-Baltistan Province (Pakistan), a waste sorting system has been set up, allowing, to date, the collection of approximately 60 tonnes of solid and biological waste. In 2023 these activities continued to be carried out directly by CKNP staff supported by local entities, while environmental education activities to raise awareness among the Pakistani workers on the importance of preserving parks and glaciers and to strengthen nature protection projects in the region, were continued by Ev-K2-CNR in close cooperation with the

government of Gilgit-Baltistan (Pakistan), stakeholders and the local population.

Collaboration with the Karakorum International University, the Baltistan University and the Gilgit-Baltistan Environmental Protection Agency continued in 2023. In particular, the Glacier and Students project continued, with the aim of contributing to knowledge of the state of the cryosphere in Gilgit-Baltistan (Pakistan). The project aims to develop a programme to monitor and evaluate changes in glaciers and high-altitude lakes by creating a detailed land register. Over 400 students from Baltistan University were trained in 2023

Lastly, also the One Health initiative, a network of laboratories located in the Gilgit-Baltistan region (Pakistan) dedicated to studying and protecting the health of nature and animals, went ahead.