Transparent and constant dialogue is the basis for any relationship based on trust. It is a key element in fostering shared growth, fruitful cooperation and mutual satisfaction.

Moncler is attentive to the dialogue with its suppliers and to sharing good practices, both on technical aspects related to business and on aspects aimed at promoting responsible behaviour. The dialogue is established through different channels, ranging from daily meetings to institutional events, and daily interactions are held with Moncler experts and inspectors tasked with overseeing the various activities involved in production. Meetings with the Company’s experts provide specialist support at all stages of production in order to share technical know-how and resolve any critical issues. As regards outerwear, Moncler’s team of technicians has been expanded over the years to ensure a widespread presence at all façon manufacturers in Italy and abroad, to increase the already high number of checks on quality and on the progress of work in and at the end of the line. Moncler experts periodically attend meetings at the Company to analyse samples and share technical and production standards, results of the previous season, and objectives for the season ahead. During the COVID-19 crisis, all actions taken by Moncler have been guided by the primary objective of protecting the health of all (employees, consultants, suppliers, clients, etc.) and

maintaining business continuity as much as possible. The strong dialogue that has always been a feature of Moncler’s relationships with suppliers became even more intense and collaborative during this period, with the aim of finding the best solutions for such a complex, unpredictable, and difficult situation for everyone in the supply chain and the industry. In this spirit, Moncler joined the International Labour Organization’s call to action in support of the global garment industry supply chain and has continued to comply with payment terms and methods, set up economic support initiatives for the most distressed members of the supply chain, and continued to commission independent audits to ensure compliance with the principles included in Moncler’s Code of Ethics and the Supplier Code of Conduct on human rights, worker health and safety, and respect for the environment. Because of the pandemic, it was not possible to offer the traditional training sessions close to suppliers’ production sites, for this reason remote sessions were organized. Likewise, Moncler’s knitwear experts were invited to attend e-learning courses to learn about procedures, production and quality standards. At these meetings, they are also sensibilized on other topics relevant to Moncler, including ethical, social and environmental aspects, so as to spread the culture among suppliers. Through the physical presence of experts at the

various third-party production sites, or online as happened in 2020, the shared know-how thus becomes an integral and essential component of the bond between the Company and its suppliers.

In 2020, awareness activities on ethical, social, and environmental issues continued through videoconferences with some suppliers and sub-contractors (both façon manufacturers and suppliers of raw materials) as it was not possible to conduct these activities on-site due to COVID-19 restrictions. These are in addition to the approximately 170 on-site visits carried out during the three-year period 2017-2019 in Italy and abroad.

The dissemination of the Company’s guidelines in terms of compliance and sustainability continued by distributing technical, chemical and performance specifications, both during everyday activities and through ad hoc videoconferences.

A web portal dedicated entirely to suppliers has been active since 2017 as an additional tool for dialogue and to facilitate the exchange of information and documentation. Through the portal, suppliers can directly access communications and documents, including the Code of Ethics, the Supplier Code of Conduct and related guidelines. 90% of suppliers have been trained through the dedicated online training section over the past three years.