The Moncler Group acknowledges and respects the right of its employees to be represented by trade unions and maintains relations with these representatives based on mutual recognition, dialogue and cooperation.

Trade union relations and negotiations are managed according to the highest principles of transparency and integrity and in strict compliance with applicable laws.

All employees in Italy, Romania, France, Belgium, Austria, Netherlands, Spain, Brazil and Russia, accounting for more than 57% of the global workforce, are covered by collective bargaining agreements.

The Moncler Group bases its policy of industrial relations on constructive dialogue, which aims at involving employee representatives and maintaining a good working environment.

The search for shared solutions translates into a total absence of conflict.

Due to the collaborative environment established over the years, in 2021, no strikes or trade union protests by workers employed by Group companies were registered. Moreover, there were no reported cases in which the freedoms of association and collective bargaining were violated or found to be at risk.

During 2021 Moncler continued to hold periodic meetings with trade union representatives, mainly concerning the management of the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as the health, organisational, procedural and training measures that the Company has implemented. Moreover, after a thorough and constructive discussion, the second-level supplementary agreement was revised and renewed, introducing significant benefits

in support of parents, individuals, complementary pension and welfare.

At Stone Island these issues will be deepened starting in 2022, when meetings will be launched to define the new supplementary plan in line with the principles adopted by Moncler.

The Group is aware that some strategic decisions may have repercussions on its employees and, in this regard, in case of significant organisational changes (e.g. reorganisation processes or other significant interventions), it has always implemented all procedures for prior information and consultation of employees provided for by law, and pledges to continue to do so also in the future.


Protection, wellbeing and listening to people are key to Moncler. For this reason, in collaboration with trade unions, in 2021 major new benefits were introduced to the supplementary agreement for Italian employees.


Support for parents

Moncler’s support for parents includes a range of opportunities for new parents to help take care of their children and facilitate the return from leave. These opportunities include, for the first three years from the birth of a child, accepting requests for part-time work by new mothers and extending this working solution to fathers in specific cases, greater time flexibility in and out and systematic acceptance

of requests for remote working up to a maximum of four days a week. Moreover, it also includes additional paid leave for paediatric care, day hospitals, vaccines or the children’s illness, greater flexibility in the use of optional maternity leave with the possibility of splitting parental leave and extending the paternity leave, also available in case of adoption.


Support for people

Moncler’s initiatives to support people include care systems in cases of serious illness, specialist visits, mourning and volunteering activities. Support to people involves offering additional paid leave for medical visits, extending the grace period

for particularly serious cases with an extension of the job retention period to a total of 24 months, additional paid leave for family bereavement, support for serious illnesses and the inclusion of two days’ paid leave for volunteering activities.


Complementary pensions and welfare

Furthermore, Moncler has increased the contributions borne to the complementary pension by the Company and simultaneously and has changed the method for calculating the annual welfare contribution to include two sustainability indicators, in addition to financial indicators.

The principles of the supplementary plan (including support for parents, for people and complementary pensions) will also be extended to the other regions where the Group operates and to Stone Island.