The Moncler Group acknowledges and respects the right of its employees to be represented by trade unions and maintains relations with these bodies based on mutual recognition, dialogue and cooperation.

Trade union relations and negotiations are managed in accordance with the highest principles of transparency and fairness and in strict compliance with applicable laws.
In Italy, Romania, France, Belgium, Austria, the Netherlands, Spain and Brazil, all employees are covered by collective bargaining agreements, accounting for approximately 66% of the employees worldwide.
The Moncler Group bases its policy of industrial relations on constructive dialogue, which aims at involving employee representatives and maintaining a good work environment. The search for shared solutions

translates into a total absence of conflict.

Thanks to the collaborative environment established over the years, also in 2023 no company strikes or trade union protests by workers directly employed by Group companies, nor any cases in which the freedoms of association and collective bargaining were violated or found to be at risk, were registered.
During 2023, Moncler continued to hold periodic meetings with trade union representatives, elected during the year, mainly concerning technical and managerial training courses, the adoption of a system to prevent the potential data loss, which the company will implement in 2024, and measures adopted by the company to support the balance between the private and professional lives of employees through the

adoption of the CAREPLACE portal.

At Stone Island, in 2023 meetings with trade union representatives led to the definition of the new company supplementary contract, which has a three-year term and establishes a corporate welfare platform. The agreement also includes the expansion of measures to support parenting and the management of corporate volunteering.
The Group is aware that some strategic decisions may have repercussions on its employees and, in this regard, in case of significant organisational changes (e.g. reorganisation processes or other significant transactions), has always implemented, and commits to continue to do so, all procedures for prior information and consultation of employees provided by law.


Protection, well-being and listening to people are key to the Group. Accordingly, in collaboration with trade unions, major benefits are introduced to the supplementary agreement for Italian employees.


Support for parents

Moncler’s support for parents includes a range of opportunities for new parents to help take care of their children and return from leave. In 2023, the Moncler Group introduced the New Parents Policy. This policy introduces new measures to enhance parenting and improve the well-being and work-life balance of its people, regardless of gender, marital status or sexual and affective orientation.
The new policy introduces a global minimum standard that provides 16 weeks of fully paid leave for all new parents employed by the Moncler and Stone Island brands, taking into account both the fixed and variable components of pay, and including any amounts locally recognised by authorities, laws, and collective bargaining agreements.
Measures to facilitate return from leave and family management include the possibility of applying for flexible hours and additional paid leave until the child is three years of age. In addition, remote working methods and counselling services in support of emotional well-being are available.
With the introduction of this new policy, the Moncler Group continues its journey to promote inclusion and equity, in order to create a positive working environment that is attentive to people’s needs.


Support for people

Moncler’s initiatives to support people include

providing tools for attention in cases of serious illness, managing specialist visits, bereavement, and volunteering. Personal support relates to offering additional paid leave for medical examinations, extending the grace period for particularly serious cases with an extension of the job retention period to a total of 24 months, additional paid leave for family bereavement, support for serious illnesses and the inclusion of two days’ paid leave for volunteering activities.
Moreover, in the early months of 2023, the Group launched CAREPLACE, the new portal dedicated to employee well-being, offering tangible support to facilitate work-life balance. The portal, opened in a first phase to all Moncler Group corporate employees in Italy, includes three areas: Family Care, Lifestyle and Pet Care. Within each area, employees have access to a variety of services, including on-demand services, online group meetings and experts.
The “On-demand Services” section includes a wide range of services, such as babysitting, study support, domestic services, caregivers and pet-sitters, with the ability to view and directly contact the selected professionals.
The “Group Meetings” section offers a wide range of free online meetings with professionals in the Family Care, Lifestyle and Pet Care areas, ranging from fitness and meditation sessions to family-related meetings with psychologists and psychotherapists. All meetings are free and take place in group mode.
The “Experts” section is dedicated to highly qualified professionals in various areas ready to meet employees’ needs.
In September, group online meetings on CAREPLACE were also extended to the families of

employees, allowing them to participate to and benefit from this opportunity.
In addition, among initiatives to improve the mental and physical health of personnel, the MINDCARE project, a dedicated psychological advice service, was launched in 2021. This service, available to the corporate population in Italy, offers professional, qualified, private and confidential support, accessible anywhere and at any time.
In collaboration with MINDWORK, a company specialising in psychological counselling, the MINDCARE project offers five free online individual sessions with professional psychologists or psychotherapists from outside the company. The sessions are completely anonymous, via encrypted video call, available in both Italian and English, and can also be booked outside working hours, including weekends.
The professionals available cover different specialties to meet various needs, including work and career coaching, eating disorders, stress and burnout, relationships and parental support.
In 2023, the service recorded a total of 319 sessions over 12 months.


Supplementary pensions and welfare

Moncler also increased the percentage contribution to supplementary pension by the Company, while also changing the methods for calculating the annual welfare contribution, including two sustainability indicators, to complement the financial indicators.
The principles strengthened in the supplementary plan (including support for parents, people and supplementary pensions) will also be extended to the other regions where the Group operates and to Stone Island.