Down is the most important raw material to Moncler. Since the beginning of the Company’s history, down has been the heart of all its jacket, gradually becoming the identity of the Brand itself.
Thanks to its long experience and constant research and development, Moncler now has unique expertise in terms of both its understanding of the raw material and the garment manufacturing process. Moncler requires its suppliers to comply with the highest quality standards, which over the years have been, and continue to be, a key element of product differentiation. However, for the Company, “quality” is more than that: the origin of the down used and respect for animal welfare are also

fundamental for Moncler and are taken into account in the raw materials purchasing process as much as quality.

In particular, the technical quality of Moncler down is ensured by a complex process that ensures that only the best white goose down is used to make garments. Each batch of down is double-checked to verify it complies with 11 parameters, relating to quality (as well as aspects of hygiene and health), identified by the strictest international regulations and the restrictive requirements established by the Company: first through sophisticated analysis by an accredited independent body and then through further tests carried out at Moncler’s internal laboratory, home

to highly-specialised down technicians. In 2023, more than 1,300 tests were carried out.

Down cluster content and fill power are the main indicators of down quality. Moncler garments contain at least 90% white goose down cluster and only 10% feathers/small feathers. This high percentage of down cluster guarantees a high fill power, i.e. the capacity of the down to occupy volume: the higher the fill power, the greater the performance in terms of lightness, thermal capacity and insulating properties. Moncler down has a minimum fill power level of 710 (cubic inches per 30 grams of down) translating into warm, soft and light garments, able to offer unique comfort.(Watch the video).