A culture of research, experimentation and usability are the matrixes that have always defined Stone Island; informal clothing brand born in 1982 thanks to Massimo Osti and Carlo Rivetti in Ravarino – a small town in the province of Modena – and intended to become a symbol of extreme research on fibers and fabrics, applied to an innovative design.

It is truly through the study of form and the “handling” of materials that Stone Island finds its own language, which has extreme research and maximum functionality as founding pillars. Each Stone Island piece is born from a perfect synthesis between experimentation and usability, between the study of fabrics and rationality.

An on-going and in-depth investigation on the transformation and ennobling of fibres and fabrics, and on the unique ability to intervene on the finished garment through continuous dyeing experiments have led, over years, to the discovery of materials and production techniques never previously used and to develop more than 60,000 different dye recipes.


The first collection of Stone Island was born from the creative mind of Massimo Osti inspired by the military uniforms and realised with Tela Stella – fabric that recalls the waxed jackets corroded by the sea and by the sun – resulted from the study of a rigid, full-bodied, two-sided and two-tone truck tarpaulin which underwent a heavy stone wash procedure. To this, a “Badge” – fabric label showing the Stone Island Wind Rose – has been applied. 



At the forefront of the menswear, Stone Island redefines the concept of man luxe with its informal and contemporary point of view, though a strong research and experimentation approach.

The Brand is characterised by its different iconic visual codes. Stone Island expresses itself both through a highly identifying branding thanks to a removable rectangular label depicting the Stone Island Compass Rose; and through the wide exploration of colours, unique treatments and techniques. The Stone Island Main collection is completed by 3 sub-collections – Ghost, Marina and Stellina – designed for consumers and complementary functions of use. Ghost is characterised by a monochromatic badge tone-on-tone designed for a consumer who prefers mono-chromatography. Marina is a modern reinterpretation of the Stone Island archive for a young consumer who follows fashion trends. Stellina uses extremely technical fabrics conceived for metropolitan use for a sophisticated consumer who prefers less prominent logos.

More, the Brand offers also a children collection, Stone Island Junior, from 2 to 14 years old and Stone Island Shadow Project, a seasonal project of pure functional design born in 2008.


Four decades dedicated to textile research, experimentation, study of the garment’s function and to innovation, often investigating worlds far from clothing, have made Stone Island a brand defined by its unique and distinctive research and as an essential point of reference for the world of apparel and design today.

Important challenges faced with the commitment of creatives who have expressed passion and enthusiasm for their work have managed to transfer their vision into the product, pushing the research on uncharted territories.

The complete product development cycle is managed internally, at the Sportswear Company Headquarter in Ravarino (province of Modena). 

Stone Island’s mission has always sought product innovation through continuous modernisation of know-how and all-around research on fibres, yarns, fabrics, finishes and dye whilst cultivating the ambition to offer a product that is unique in its category.

In order to achieve this mission, development has been carefully managed through an internal and integrated system in which modelling, prototypes and dyeing combine with established external partnerships in both research and execution.

The value chain is as much in the selection of accessory and component materials as in manufacture and dyeing, carried out under strict supervision of technicians of the Company at established partners that are aligned with the Company’s ethical and regulatory codes.

Fabrics and yarns are supplied by the best Italian and foreign companies, with a particular focus on Japan and Korea.

Manufacturing is in Italy, in the Mediterranean basin and in the Far East, at established third-party companies trained in the know-how needed to satisfy the Brand’s standards of quality and reliability.

The Stone Island brand is distributed globally both through the wholesale channel and through a direct presence (retail). Furthermore, in some markets the Brand is managed through distribution contracts with qualified and long-standing partners, selected on the basis of their high knowledge of the fashion sector.

The Brand is currently present in the most important department stores in the world, also with dedicated spaces (shop-in-shops), in the best multi-brand boutiques and in the main e-tailers, besides having developed a network of 30 directly managed mono-brand stores and the online store.

In line with the Group’s strategy aimed at the integrated development of its distribution channels, Stone Island has begun a path that will lead the Brand to a greater control of distribution on international markets, through a progressive internalisation of the markets currently managed by the distributor – starting from Korea – and through the expansion of the DTC channel. On 30 December 2021, Stone Island set up a joint venture in Korea – Stone Island Korea – of which Stone Island holds 51%, with the aim of directly managing the Korean distribution network, which as of 31 December 2021, had 23 mono-brand stores.

At the same time, the Company is implementing a strong control and selection policy of the wholesale points of sale, a channel of strategic importance for Stone Island, with the aim of further elevating the positioning of the Brand itself.

In 2021, the wholesale channel accounted for 71% of revenues while the remaining 29% is generated by directly managed stores and the online channel. As of 31 December 2021, the Stone Island’s mono-brand distribution network consisted of 58 wholesale points of sale (shop-in-shops) and 30 retail directly operated stores (DOS). Five DOS were opened during the year, including the Paris Galeries LaFayette, New York Bloomingdale’s and Shanghai iAPM stores.

“The image is the product”, is the absolute protagonist in every marketing activity, starting from communication.

Over the years, the Brand has created a strong and recognisable iconography entrusted to the multiculturalism expressed by the faces of the models and the direct photo shoot on a white background where the garments are perfectly legible.

The detailed description of the fabric and the treatment of each individual garment are also present in the advertising campaigns.

Stone Island’s tone of voice is direct and informative. Without adjectives, it is closer to the rigour of industrial design than to the world of fashion and lifestyle: a solid brand visual identity is also expressed in the videos.

The product remains at the centre not only of marketing activities but also of installations, special projects in flagship stores and pop-ups with clients of international importance.

Both website and social media reflect the clean and industrial aesthetics of Stone Island.

The social media of reference is Instagram, flanked by the main platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and Vimeo, in addition to Chinese social media: WeChat, Weibo and Little Red Book.

Stone Island has a very active fan base that interacts intensely with the official account and that promotes the Brand through many spontaneous fan-based groups on social networks.

Over time Stone Island got closer to the music world, an important brand’s communication tool with STONE ISLAND PRESENTS, since 2015, a project for international music events featuring high profile talents from the electronic music scene and more and with STONE ISLAND SOUND, founded in 2020, a project that supports contemporary music productions. A harmonious set of playlists, record releases and soundtrack for stores with the aim of promoting local scenes and communities while building an ideal world sound map.

The common thread that runs through the history of Stone Island’s collaborations is that they take place with mutual respect between collaborators. This was the case for the ante litteram collaborations launched already in 2019, which the Company had with Adidas and New Balance; further strengthened with other important collaborations with Supreme (from 2014 to today), Nike (from 2016 to 2019), Head Porter (2015-2020), Persol (2020) and from 2021, a new long-term partnership with New Balance.


Stone Island is LAB & LIFE together. It is continuous research, identity, community. Stone Island is a transversal and authentic brand, that has its foundations in the product. 


LAB is the constant, scrutinising and boundless research into the transformation and enhancement of fibres and fabrics, which brings discoveries of new materials and production techniques that have never previously been used in the clothing industry.

LIFE is the lived experience, the identity, the perceived status of anyone who wears Stone Island. It’s the strong and recognisable aesthetic that originates from the study of uniforms and work clothes, recreated with new needs in mind, to define a project where the function of the garment is never just aesthetic.

This is Stone Island culture, where everyone lives on constant and continuous research, and believes in functionality as an expression of unique and inimitable beauty.

Endless passion and endless know-how in design and in product have always been the basis of the Stone Island brand and the founding principles for all stakeholders of the Brand.

The product-centred ethos spreads through both the Stone Island collection and all those living the Brand, every day, inside and outside Company.




STONE ISLAND FY 2022 FY 2021 % vs 2021 % vs 2019
EUR 000 % EUR 000 % rep FX cFX cFX
DTC 149,153 37.2% 76,678 24.7% +95% +93% +157%
Wholesale 251,979 62.8% 233,346 75.3% +8% +7% +33%
REVENUES 401,132 100.0% 310,024 100.0% +29% +28% +63%


STONE ISLAND FY 2022 FY 2021 % vs 2021 % vs 2019
EUR 000 % EUR 000 % rep FX cFX cFX
EMEA 278,670 69.5% 241,162 77.8% +16% +16% +42%
Asia 80,177 20.0% 39,912 12.9% +101% +101% +210%
Americas 42,285 10.5% 28,951 9.3% +46% +34% +69%
REVENUES 401,132 100.0% 310,024 100.0% +29% +28% +63%


STONE ISLAND 31.12.2022 30.09.2022 31.12.2021
Asia 44 44 4
EMEA 21 21 20
Americas 7 6 6
RETAIL 72 71 30
WHOLESALE 19 20 58