We began our sustainability journey many years ago with three clear convictions in mind: to have a sustainability department that is not isolated but fully integrated with the rest of the company, to progressively include environmental and social considerations in all business decisions and, lastly, to maintain an awareness that there would never be a final destination but a journey of continuous improvement.
We took the first steps by defining roles and responsibilities within each department of the company so that everyone could learn to work in a new way, considering the environmental and social impacts associated with each decision. From the very beginning, we also delegated to a Committee, internal to the

Board of Directors, the overseeing of sustainability topics so that it could continue to stimulate our ambitions.
Lastly, we designed a Sustainability Plan, in the conviction that, for each goal achieved, an even more challenging one should follow.
This approach enabled us to reach many milestones and improve various aspects of our way of doing business. I am proud of the achievements made throughout these years and those reached in 2022: among the others, they include maintaining carbon neutrality at our own sites, the progressive introduction of lower environmental impact materials in our collections, the recycling of all nylon production scraps

at our production sites and the almost total elimination of single-use virgin plastic. Yet, I am also well aware that we cannot consider ourselves perfect, that we still have a lot to do and that the greater challenges ahead cannot wait any more.
More than anything, however, I am proud of the culture we are seeing growing within our Group and that we are sharing with the actors operating along our supply chain. A culture that is helping us grow and learn every day and that leads us to look ahead with the humility of those who know that the path is still long, and sometimes still to be mapped out, but also with the conviction that determination and joint collaboration can lead us towards higher ambitions.