Every day, at Moncler and Stone Island, we work to continue integrating sustainability into our business model.
We do it with passion, ingenuity, humility, and the necessary concreteness.
We do it with the sense of urgency that environmental and social challenges require.
We are on a transformational journey which requires significant changes in the way we work.
This collective, transversal path involves the way we work within the company as well as the way we collaborate across the value

chain. It’s the only way to achieve results on a larger scale.
It is thanks to the great contributions of our people that our ambitions are transformed into a reality, year after year.
In 2023, more than 25% of yarns and fabrics used in our collections were made from lower impact raw materials when compared with conventional materials, and more than 40% of our nylon came from recycled sources.
We only use energy from renewable sources in our locations and stores, and have reduced direct emissions by 50% compared to 2021. At the same time, our commitment to steer the supply chain

along the complex but necessary path towards decarbonization remains ongoing.
On a personal level, I am very pleased that we now offer the children of employees at our production center in Romania access to a world-class kindergarten offering innovative education in several languages, according to the Reggio Children approach.
This is one of the projects I care about the most. Because children, in Bacau and around the world, remind us that the time to build a better future is now.