Moncler's Strategy

Moncler’s goal is to pursue sustainable and responsible growth within the global luxury goods segment, while remaining true to the uniqueness of its heritage. Creativity, variety, sustainability and being true to itself have always been the cornerstones of the Group’s philosophy. Change is the force driving its unrelenting effort to explore its own and other worlds through a continuous dialogue with an ever broader customer base.
Its strategy is closely related to the Group’s philosophy and values, and is underpinned by five pillars.


A solid global brand with unique positioning
Over the years, Moncler’s growth strategy has been inspired by two key principles: to become a global brand and to have no filters with the market. Today, 88% of Moncler’s revenues are generated outside of Italy. This result was achieved by exercising significant control over the business and by maintaining direct contact with wholesale, retail and digital customers alike.


Creation of a digital culture
Moncler considers digital channel as a crucial and indispensable tool for brand communications and business growth at global level, in an omni-channel perspective. The cornerstone of Moncler’s strategy is to ensure that digital culture permeates each and every division and is consolidated throughout the Group.
Some years ago now, the Group created a digital division. This reports to the Chief Marketing & Operating Officer and is responsible for both e-commerce and digital marketing to develop online business and boost the presence of the Moncler brand on all major social media.


Distribution channels developed in an omni-channel perspective
Engaging directly with customers through every channel and touch point, involving them and understanding their expectations – even when unspoken – is a cornerstone of the relationship that Moncler has always strived to develop with its customers to never stop surprising them. Today, the Group is pursuing an integrated development strategy for its distribution channels, whether physical or digital.


Sustainable growth to create value for all stakeholders
The Brand has been progressively strengthening its commitment to long-term sustainable and responsible growth as an integral part of the Group strategy and as a means to further meet stakeholder expectations and create shared value.


Selective product range expansion
Thanks to its strong tradition and credibility built over the years, Moncler has consolidated its position as a worldwide leader in the premium down jacket segment. The Group is now selectively expanding beyond its core business, into complementary product and market segments in which it has, or can surely achieve, strong recognition and in-depth know-how. “To create special products with a specialist’s approach” is the motto that will guide Moncler’s future choices.


Moncler is forecasting a scenario of further growth in 2019, based on the following strategic guidelines.


Strengthening of the Brand. Since the beginning, Moncler’s strategic positioning in the luxury goods sector has been based on clear pillars: uniqueness, consistency of its heritage and ability to innovate while remaining true to its tradition. These pillars are and will remain fundamental. Today’s luxury goods consumer trends are evolving rapidly and faster than in the past. To take advantage of these changes, Moncler has opened a new chapter: Moncler Genius – One House Different Voices, which will drive the Group into its future developments.


Focus on clients. Developing a direct relationship with retail, wholesale and digital clients, being able to get them involved offering a significative experience by using all touch points and anticipating their needs; these are the pillars of the relationship that Moncler wants to build across channels with its clients, especially with its local customers, with an omnichannel approach, in order to maintain and, if possible, strengthen the Group’s future organic growth.


International development and consolidation of key markets. Over the years, Moncler has followed a clear strategy of international growth, while always keeping strong control of the business and a direct dialogue with its clients in all distribution channels; wholesale, retail and digital. Moncler wants to continue to selectively develop the main international markets and to consolidate its presence in its “core” markets. The Group will deliver this strategy through: the reinforcement of its retail mono-brand stores (DOS) network, the controlled expansion of its stores’ average selling surface, the opening of wholesale mono-brand stores (SiS), the expansion of travel retail and the strengthening of its digital channel.


Selective expansion of product categories. The Group is working on a selective expansion into product categories that are complementary to its core business and where it has and can achieve high brand awareness and strong know-how.


Sustainable business development. The Brand continues to reinforce its commitment to sustainable and responsible long-term development, which takes into account the expectations of stakeholders focusing on shared value creation.


With 193 (*) directly operated stores (DOS) at the end of 2018, in 15 years Moncler has been able to develop a global retail network and is today present is many of the most important luxury streets and department stores. Between 2019 and 2020, the Company plans to enter some 2 new countries p.a. and to open at least 10 new DOS p.a., while continuing enlarging/relocating its existing stores.


Wholesale is and will continue to be a strategic channel for Moncler. Over the years, the Company has reached an highly selected and global distribution network while starting to focus on developing shop-in-shops (SiS) in the most important luxury department stores and airports. At the end of 2018, the Group had 55 SiS. Between 2019 and 2020, Moncler plans to open some 8-10 SiS on average p.a..

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(*) In line with business management, starting from FY 2018, multiple stores located at the same address, thus on different floors/locations (normally divided by women/men/enfant), will no longer be reported separately, given that they are managed as a single entity by Moncler.