I believe there is no present or future without a past Remo Ruffini


Founded in 1952 in Monestier-de-Clermont, Grenoble, France, Moncler is now located in Italy. Over the course of the years the brand has merged style with ongoing technological research, which harnesses the knowledge of mountaineering experts. Moncler collections combine extreme needs with day-to-day city life. In 2003, Remo Ruffini took over the company of which he is now Chairman and CEO. Moncler directly produces and distributes its own clothing and accessories collections through its direct boutiques and the world’s most exclusive department and multibrand stores.

In 2015 Moncler had 1798 Full-Time Equivalent employees and operates through a network of 207 mono-brand stores (of which 173 Directly Operated Stores), as well as through the wholesale distribution channel.

Moncler, which in the course of business year 2015 recorded revenues totalling 880.4million Euro and an EBITDA of 300.0 million Euro, operates in about 70 Countries and 4 main geographical areas worldwide: Italy, EMEA, Asia and the Americas.