Moncler prepares the Sustainability Report annually  in order to transparently report its social, environmental and economic performances while at the same time present the objectives of the Sustainability Plan

In 2016, Moncler’s revenues surpassed the one billion euros mark. This result makes us very proud, but it also makes us feel an even greater sense of responsibility towards our people and the communities in which we operate.  Achieving such an ambitious accomplishment makes us all the more aware of how our growth must also be sustainable

We judge the value of our results also by how we achieved them, because we are convinced that long-term success depends on knowing how to create shared value

Moncler believes that its true value lies in the way it conducts business, its contribution to society as a whole, and its ability to fulfill its commitments. The increasing integration between business decisions and the assessment of their environmental and social impacts is at the core of the Group’s ability to create long-term value for all of its stakeholders

The Sustainability Plan is the expression of the Group’s commitment to an ever-more sustainable and responsible growth. It is updated each year to report on the status of projects underway, and to set new targets for continuous improvement, in the awareness that sustainability is an ongoing challenge with no end