Moncler’s goal is to pursue sustainable and responsible growth within the global luxury goods segment, while remaining faithful to its unique heritage.

Creativity, multiplicity, and consistency have always been the creed of the Group, which leverages change to grow stronger as it continues to explore both known and new avenues, seeking constant dialogue with an ever-broader client base.

Moncler’s strategy is closely related to the Group’s philosophy and values, and is based on six pillars.


Identity and unique positioning

Moncler’s unique heritage represents its main asset and permeates its entire strategy. Heritage, quality, uniqueness, creativity, and consistency define and characterise all Moncler products, making them timeless.

A global brand with no filters with the market

In recent years, Moncler’s growth strategy has been inspired by two key principles, clearly devised and strongly endorsed by the Company’s Chairman and CEO, Remo Ruffini: to become a global brand and to have no filters with the market. Today, 87% of Moncler’s revenues are generated outside of Italy. This result was achieved by exercising significant control over the business, and by maintaining direct contact with wholesale, retail, and digital clients.


Selective product range expansion

Thanks to its strong tradition and credibility built over the years, Moncler has consolidated its position as a worldwide leader in the premium down jacket segment.

The Group is now selectively expanding beyond its core business, into complementary product and market segments in which it has, or can surely achieve, high recognition and in-depth know-how. “To create special products with a specialist’s approach” is the motto that drives and steers Moncler’s present and future.


Direct relationship with clients, to always surprise them

Engaging directly with clients through every channel and touchpoint, involving them, and understanding their expectations – even when unspoken – is a cornerstone of the relationship that Moncler strives to develop with its clients to never stop surprising them.

Digital channel development

Moncler considers digital channel as a crucial and indispensable tool for brand communications and business growth at global level, in an omni-channel perspective.

Sustainable growth to create value for all stakeholder

The Brand has been progressively strengthening its commitment to long-term sustainable and responsible growth, as a mean to further meet stakeholder expectations and create shared value.