Founded in 1952 in Monestier-de-Clermont, Grenoble, France, Moncler is now located in Italy. Over the course of the years the brand has merged style with ongoing technological research, which harnesses the knowledge of mountaineering experts. Moncler collections combine extreme needs with day-to-day city life. Beginning in 2003, when Remo Ruffini entered in the Group, a process of repositioning of the brand was initiated through which Moncler products take on an ever more distinctive and exclusive aspect.


Moncler’s integrated and flexible business model is geared towards having direct control of the phases of production that add the greatest value, putting the pursuit of ever increasing quality at the heart of all its work. The promotion of a responsible supply chain is a fundamental part of this process; there cannot be long term growth without responsibility and respect. During the last year Moncler has established a Sustainability Unit dedicated to supporting the integration of social and environmental factors into the business decision-making


Moncler is present in all major markets both through the retail channel, consisting of directly operated stores (DOS)* and the online store, and through the wholesale channel, represented by multi-brand doors and shop-in-shops in department stores. Moncler’s strategy is aimed at the control of the distribution channel, not only retail but also wholesale, where it operates through a direct organization.


*Include free standing stores, concessions, travel retail stores, outlets

*Retail mono-brand stores as at 31/12/2016

Americas 23
Italy 19
Asia 93
  12/31/2016 12/31/15 NET OPENINGS
Retail mono-brand 190 173 17
Italy 19 19 -
EMEA (excl. Italy) 55 53 2
Asia 93 82 11
Americas 23 19 4
Wholesale mono-brand 42 34 8