It is very important for Moncler’s communication to be consistent, responsible and transparent. All images and messages delivered through any communication channel, whether online or offline, are carefully vetted to ensure they accurately convey Company values, respect human dignity, are non-discriminatory, and do not depict violent behaviour or dangerous conduct. Even greater attention is given to marketing communications related to children’s collections, which must guarantee absolute and constant respect for the fundamental principles underlying the protection of minors. Although the Group does not currently adhere to any specific codes or voluntary standards in advertising, Moncler fully complies with all applicable regulations in force in each country in which it operates. As evidence of this unrelenting commitment, Moncler’s product marketing communications, advertising and sponsorships have never once breached

any regulations in force.
As part of the Group’s commitment to enforce responsible communication with clients, great importance is also placed on product labelling, which must deliver clear, transparent and accurate information. Moncler guarantees full compliance with all existing national and international labelling regulations. Accordingly, the Group works closely with its suppliers to obtain reliable information on the materials and processes involved in the various stages of production and carries out all the tests needed to ensure the accuracy of the contents. All Moncler products feature a global label providing accurate information on the composition of all materials and components, washing and care instructions, and country of manufacture. All information is translated into nine languages. In addition, custom labels are applied to products to be distributed to specific markets, such as China, Japan and South

Korea. Products made with specific types of materials carry additional information, such as: the common name of the animal, in the case of leather; the common and scientific name of the animal, origin and dyeing treatment (if any), in the case of furs; and the scientific name of the animal and percentages of down and feathers, in the case of down. As regards the down, since the 2017 autumn/winter collection, a label with the indication “DIST-certified down” has been inserted inside all outerwear, guaranteeing that the down contained in the garment is all certified according to the principles set out in the Moncler technical Protocol called DIST (Down Integrity System & Traceability), which regulates farming methods and respect for animal welfare, traceability and the technical quality of the down.


With the launch of the Moncler Genius project, presented in Milan in February 2018 with the motto ‘One house, different voices’, the Brand gave proof once again of its pioneering spirit in all its manifestations, and launched the Moncler Beyond advertising campaign, shot by another master photographer, Craig McDean. The energy that lies in diversity is the principle that inspired the entire campaign. Nineteen individuals of different ages, ethnicity and origin and from different walks of life convey the Brand’s values and their personal experience becomes the voice and individual strength that drives people to go beyond rigid patterns and predetermined models. The key message of the campaign is a choral message of freedom and willpower. It is an appeal in

the name of plurality, which finds its strength and momentum in diversity.
Beyond embodies all of Moncler’s values and captures its desire to push boundaries that has always characterised it. It is in Moncler’s nature to constantly go beyond limits, generations and expectations. From the Paralympic athlete to the astronaut, from the activist to the trend setter, the campaign breaks the mould of traditional advertising campaigns to express the motivation, will and uniqueness that drive an individual to overcome every possible limit to be, quite simply, oneself. Addressing a plurality of individuals, Moncler defines and expresses its uniqueness through people who have achieved success thanks to their unique goals and personality, living their lives to the fullest. 


The digital channel is central to Moncler’s growth strategy, whose goal is to provide end clients with a unique multi-channel experience that best responds to market needs, thus reducing the distance to the Brand globally.
For this reason, significant energies in terms of resources and investments have been dedicated to developing this area: from online advertising to social networks. In particular, at the level of social networks, Moncler is present on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn (in 2018 with 1.7 million, 2.9 million, 1.2 million and 98 thousand

followers, respectively), WeChat in APAC (with 129,000 followers), LINE in Japan (with about 344,400 followers) while in South Korea, Moncler has been present since 2018 with the Kakao Talk account (with about 58,700 followers). It is worth noting that, particularly on Instagram, the level of consumer brand engagement has increased significantly in the last two years. Social networks are also an important channel through which Moncler engages users and updates them continuously on news about of the brand.

Social media have also been used to advance sustainability messages: on the occasion of World Earth Day, Moncler reaffirmed its commitment to the environment. The project to compensate for CO2 emissions deriving from the transport activities of the participants in some important Company events by planting different species of trees in the area of Gaggiano, Milan, was shared with users. The forestation project was carried out with the collaboration of AzzeroCO2.