The numbers, initiatives and objectives presented in this document tell about Moncler, our culture of sustainability, the commitment of every single person in the company, what we believe in and what we are committed to. They tell about our aspirations. They tell about the awareness that no accomplishment can be considered a point of arrival, but is only a stepping stone along a path that always aims at achieving new goals.

In 2018, our commitment to pursuing some of the Sustainable Development Goals set out in the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda continued. They were the focus of our programmes, along with the safety of people, the well-being of our employees, the promotion throughout the supply chain of an increasingly responsible conduct and the consolidation of our relationship with clients.

In 2018, Moncler continued to create jobs by increasing the number of employees worldwide by 19%. This growth was significant not only in numerical terms, but above all for the diversity and energy that people belonging to different generations, cultures and backgrounds bring.

We have continued to work for all our people to make Moncler an increasingly stimulating company to work for. Acting on the expectations emerging from the people satisfaction survey, MonVoice, we have implemented programmes aimed at well-being, internal communication and more cross-functional and participatory ways of working together.
During the year, OHSAS 18001 certification for our occupational health and safety management system was extended to all offices and stores in Europe and the United States, while our ISO 14001-certified environmental management system was extended to the Italian sites in Trebaselghe, Milan and Castel San Giovanni.

Great energy has also continued to be put into sharing our high social and environmental standards with partners. We have intensified the verification, training and sharing activities to spread our culture of sustainability through an open and constructive dialogue aimed at continuous and mutual improvement.
Moreover, it was the fourth consecutive year of certification of our down supply chain according to the DIST Protocol, Moncler’s technical standard for animal welfare, traceability and quality, developed in collaboration with a multi-stakeholder working group that continuously monitors the results and promotes its further development.

Activities in support of scientific research, local communities and the most disadvantaged populations also continued. Over the past two years, thanks to the Warmly Moncler for UNICEF project, about 25,000 children living in particularly vulnerable situations in some of the coldest areas of the world have received aid.

The year 2018 also saw the consolidation of our relationship with clients: we intensified our dialogue to offer a consistent and distinctive experience at each of the brand’s touchpoints in an omni-channel perspective. Thanks to the new business model launched by the Moncler Genius project and to digital technologies, our communications are now more direct, continuous and faster and in our stores we are devoting time and attention to building an authentic and personal relationship.

I am grateful to our more than 4 thousand people who every day, in our offices, stores and production sites, do their best to make Moncler a company open to challenges and change, a company that is not afraid to question itself and that is constantly exploring innovative paths.

Today’s results and the trust we have earned from our stakeholders encourage us to continue along our path, because we believe that dedication and passion are the best foundations for building a desirable future for all.



Remo Ruffini,

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer