It is precisely during the difficult times in our personal and professional lives that we understand what is truly important.

While 2020 was a particularly challenging and unpredictable year, it gave us the opportunity to understand who we are and what we want to represent. It was a year that has driven our ambitions as a company and as people even more strongly than before. I believe that the choices we made during this time say a lot about us, and about how we see and want our tomorrow.

The crisis and the uncertainty related to the pandemic required us to postpone whatever we could, to be able to focus on essential projects. Sustainability is one of the fundamental pillars we considered for our and everyone’s future, and to which we continued to give our top priority.

In 2020 we did not cut off or postpone any social or environmental projects and in the same year, we launched our

Sustainability Plan, Moncler Born to Protect, which clearly outlines our strategic drivers: climate action, circular economy, fair sourcing, enhancing diversity, and giving back to local communities. We enhanced the use of low environmental impact materials in our collections, made a further shift towards renewable energies, including at our production site in Romania, reduced the use of plastic in our packaging by more than 20%, formed a council to promote diversity and inclusion, and doubled our financial commitments toward the community by contributing to COVID-19 emergency management efforts and actively supporting the digitization of schools in the Milan area. Above all, we tried to do everything possible to support our employees, protecting their health and cultivating new ways of working together while remaining close. We also took the opportunity to devote more time and resources to professional training and

development, and to understanding cultural diversity and richness.
We cannot allow any crisis to stop our creative energies and our desire for new projects. This is the time for courage, for determination, and for shaping the future we will leave to the next generations.

In this context, the Stone Island deal also gives a positive message to all the Italian companies whose vision, I am sure, will be stronger than this crisis. Finally, 2020 was the year in which Moncler was reconfirmed as Industry Leader in the prestigious Dow Jones Sustainability World and Europe indices. I am grateful to all my people who put themselves out there every day to make the most of new challenges.

With maximum commitment, we continue to climb towering peaks. Ambition and humility are forever our guides.