Moncler is attentive to the dialogue with its suppliers and to sharing good practices, both on technical aspects related to business activities and on aspects aimed at promoting responsible behaviour. The dialogue is established through different channels ranging from daily meetings to institutional events.
Daily interactions are regularly held with Moncler experts and inspectors tasked with overseeing the various activities involved in production. The meetings with the Company’s experts provide specialist support at all stages of production in order to share technical know-how and fix any critical issues. In 2018, as regards outerwear, Moncler’s team of technicians was considerably expanded to ensure an even more widespread presence at all façon manufacturers in Italy and abroad, to increase the already high number of checks on quality and on the progress of work in and at the end of the line. The technicians in charge of the external workshops periodically participate in meetings at the Company offices to help analyse samples and share technical and production standards. Similarly, Moncler’s knitwear technicians are invited a couple of times every season to come in for training, focusing on procedures and on production and quality standards, with visits to the Group’s quality control centres. At these meetings, they are also educated on other topics relevant to Moncler, including ethical, social and environmental aspects, so as to spread the relevant culture among suppliers. Through the presence of experts at the various third-party production sites, the shared know-how thus becomes an integral and essential component of the bond between the Company and its suppliers.
In 2018, the organisation of various institutional meetings with suppliers continued, with the aim of fostering mutual understanding, consolidating collaboration with the supply chain, discussing contractual and operational aspects, and, above all, of involving partners in the sustainability path that Moncler has implemented.
In February, two days of meetings were held at the headquarters in Trebaseleghe, Padua, involving about 30 Italian and international knitwear suppliers. These meetings addressed several topics, including quality, down traceability and management, safety, brand protection issues, and responsible sourcing

principles. In July, another institutional meeting was organised with more than 50 Italian suppliers (knitwear and outerwear manufacturers), with whom these same issues were discussed with an even greater focus on sustainability and on the ethical principles set out in the Code of Ethics and Supplier Code of Conduct, compliance with which is a prerequisite for establishing and maintaining a business relationship with Moncler. During the day, following the plenary session, further individual meetings were also organised with certain suppliers to further consolidate and explore the issues discussed.
Awareness activities on ethical, social, and environmental issues continued during the year, through one-to-one meetings with experts from the Company’s Sustainability Unit at the production facilities of some of its suppliers and subcontractors. In the two-year period 2017-2018, about 150 on-site visits were carried out in Italy and abroad (70% of them in 2018).
In addition, there were also meetings with the heads of various shoe factories and tanneries with whom the company’s chemical and performance specifications were shared to make this supply chain increasingly aware of the issues of sustainability and chemicals management. As regards raw material suppliers, to follow up on the 2017 institutional meeting, several one-to-one meetings were held with the various suppliers and two days of meetings were organised in Paris during the textile fair Première Vision, during which the new company guidelines on compliance and sustainability were presented. The new technical, chemical and performance requirements were then shared, and a fruitful and constant dialogue on the issue has been started.
Finally, a web portal dedicated entirely to suppliers has been available since 2017 as an additional tool to facilitate dialogue and the exchange of information and documentation. Through the portal, suppliers can directly access communications and documents, including the Code of Ethics, the Supplier Code of Conduct and related guidelines. A dedicated online training section has also been set up.
Building on these achievements, in 2019, Moncler will continue to pursue a dialogue with its suppliers and their engagement in initiatives related to these aspects.