Supplier engagement and dialogue

The dialogue with suppliers is encouraged through regular institutional meetings and through daily interactions with the Moncler experts and inspectors tasked with overseeing the various activities involved in production. Indeed, Moncler’s experts provide specialist support at all stages of production in order to share technical know-how and resolve any critical issues. Furthermore, an ad hoc web portal for the supply chain went live in 2017, giving suppliers direct access to communications and documents (including the Code of Ethics, the Supplier Code of Conduct, and related policies) and to a dedicated online training section.
As regards outerwear, the experts in charge of the external workshops manufacturing jackets are regularly invited to visit Company offices to help analyse samples and share technical and production standards. Similarly, external knitwear workshop experts are invited at least once every season to train for one week alongside Moncler experts, focusing on procedures and on production and quality standards, with visits to the Group’s quality control centres. At these seasonal meetings, they also receive training on other topics relevant to Moncler, including ethical, social, and environmental aspects, so as to spread the relevant culture among suppliers. In turn, Moncler experts visit the various third-party production sites as well. The shared know-how thus becomes an integral and essential component of the bond between the Company and its suppliers.

In February 2017, in an effort to further promote mutual knowledge, strengthen its relationship with the supply chain, elaborate on contractual and operational aspects, and involve its partners in the Group’s journey towards sustainability, Moncler organised a meeting at its corporate offices in Trebaseleghe (Padua, Italy) with its national and international suppliers involved in the production of jackets. The meeting addressed several topics, including quality, down traceability and management, safety, brand protection issues, and responsible sourcing principles. Awareness activities on ethical, social, and environmental issues continued during the year, through one-to-one meetings at the production facilities of some of the Company’s façon manufacturers. Building on these achievements, in 2018, the Group will continue to pursue a dialogue with its suppliers and their engagement in initiatives related to these aspects.