Moncler operates in an international and multicultural context. It cherishes diversity as an asset to be enhanced and as a source of competitive advantage for the Company.
Bringing together people with diverse expertise, experience and socio-cultural backgrounds enables the Group to rise to the challenges of an increasingly global and borderless market. As a reflection of this, the Italian corporate offices alone, are present employees of 30 different nationalities.

As stated in the Code of Ethics, respect for diversity and equal opportunities and the prevention of all forms of discrimination are key principles, which Moncler is committed to guaranteeing at every step of the employment relationship, from the recruitment process and definition of remuneration packages, to opportunities for professional growth, through to the management of an employment relationship ending. The Group does not tolerate any form of discrimination based on race, skin colour, gender, sexual orientation, religion, nationality, age, political affiliation, trade union membership, marital status, physical or mental disability, or any other personal characteristic or condition. In 2019, the Company received three reports of alleged discrimination, two in relation to employees against the subsidiary Moncler USA Inc and the other one, regarding an employee against the subsidiary Moncler UK Limited. In relation to the American cases, one was dismissed as not discrimination after being investigated, the results were shared with the employee concerned at the start of 2020.In the second case, the parties reached an agreed settlement and the case in the UK had the same outcome. Furthermore, a settlement agreement was also reached in 2019, for a case with the subsidiary Moncler

Australia Pty Ltd dating back to 2018.
Moncler recognises the importance of maintaining and promoting Human Rights and respecting the rights of workers, in line with the principles set out in the Code of Ethics, and therefore undertakes to communicate the developments and methods of resolution of any case of alleged discrimination that has emerged in a transparent way. Moncler believes that diversity, in all its expressions, brings cultural wealth and openness, and that the true value of diversity within the Company is best expressed when each and every person is encouraged to reach his/her potential to the fullest. The Company’s awareness of the value and opportunities arising from cultural diversity is also reflected in the absolute confidence that Moncler has in its local management and personnel.

With regard to gender differences, women make up the majority of Moncler’s workforce. Around 71% of employees are women, up by 11%, the percentage is basically in line with the overall growth of the workforce. The percentage of women is also high in all geographical areas and employee categories. Women account for 56% of employees at managerial level (managers, executives and senior executives), up by 35% compared to 2018 (equal to 62 additional women).

Women represent 72% of the workforce with a permanent contract and 65% with a temporary contract. About 65% of the contracts transformed into permanent contracts during 2019 were for women (134). In 2019, the growth (68%) in the number of women with permanent full-time contracts in the total workforce with permanent contracts continued.

With regard to gender breakdown by type of service, age group and level of education,

there are no differences compared with the overall trend. Moncler is committed to offering equal pay for equal skills, expertise, and professional experience, thus guaranteeing the principle of equal opportunities in both theory and practice without bias. For the categories of executives, senior managers, managers and white-collars, renumeration levels for men and women are substantially aligned, while in the professionals and workers categories the salary levels differences in men’s and women’s is 8%.The Company is also committed to employing people with disabilities. Moncler manages diversity in accordance with the rules and practices of laws in force, and encourages Company departments to employ disabled people. All new hires are managed with due respect and consideration for their needs and capabilities, providing suitable workstations and adapting work hours as required. By doing so, people are protected and empowered to give their best.

At 31 December 2019, the number of employees with disabilities in Italy, Romania, France, Japan and South Korea was 56 in total, up 10% compared to 2018. In the next few years, the Group will continue to plan the recruitment of additional people with varying levels of disability, also by collaborating with institutions specifically tasked with helping disabled people find employment.


In 2020, the gender equality index reached 80/100 points for the company Moncler France.
(En 2020, l’index de l’égalité femmes-hommes s’élève à 80/100 points pour la société Moncler France).