Moncler is committed to contributing to the welfare of the communities in which it operates, not only by promoting individual projects, but also by endorsing, in various ways, organizations working in the social sphere, for example supporting young people, promoting diversity and inclusion and spreading a culture of respect for the environment. One of the issues closest to Moncler’s heart is young generations and their future. For many years now, the Company has supported struggling younger people by ensuring access to medical treatment, adequate levels of education and a clear growth path.

It does so by collaborating with associations and foundations like Francesca Rava – NPH Italia, the San Patrignano recovery community, I Bambini delle Fate Onlus, and Amici di Cometa Onlus. Another topic that is increasingly relevant for Moncler is diversity and inclusion. The Company is aware of how discrimination can be a great threat to the community and how important it is to help create a sense of belonging and acceptance of diversity. In 2020 it set a target to foster an ever more inclusive culture. The Company’s efforts include a donation to the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), one of the largest

and most influential groups for equality and civil rights in the United States, committed to eliminate all forms of racial discrimination and ensure the health and wellbeing of all. Moncler also supports projects focusing on the protection and preservation of the environment. In recent years it has financed the Ev-K2-CNR Association’s Keep Karakorum Clean and Keep K2 Clean initiatives to protect mountain areas, and set up a volunteering project with Legambiente to reduce the use of plastic and promote plastic recycling.


Ev-K2-CNR is a private non-profit organization that promotes collaborative development projects and scientific research in mountain regions. The association collaborates with international organizations such as the WWF (World Wildlife Fund), the UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme), the UNDP (United Nation Development Programme) and the WMO (World Meteorological Organization). Its activities are centred on studying and monitoring climate change, protecting biodiversity, and sustainable development in mountain areas.

United by the same passion and respect for the mountains, Ev-K2-CNR and Moncler have collaborated since 2014 in promoting environmental education programmes like Keep Karakorum Clean and Keep K2 Clean. These initiatives, also developed within the scope of K2 expeditions and in collaboration

with local institutions, have resulted in annual waste clean-ups at base camps, which are restored to their natural conditions. In recent years, in collaboration with the authorities of the Central Karakorum National Park (CKNP) and Gilgit-Baltistan territory in Pakistan, a waste sorting system and recycling centre have been set up. In 2020, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, these activities were operated directly by CKNP personnel, while the environmental education programmes to raise awareness among Pakistani workers of the importance of preserving parks and glaciers, and to strengthen conservation projects in the region, were continued by Ev-K2-CNR in close cooperation with the government of Gilgit-Baltistan (Pakistan), the stakeholders, and the local population. During the year a new initiative was also launched: One Health, a system of

laboratories located around the region to study and protect the health of nature and the local fauna. Lastly, to support the environmental conservation in the area that includes the CKNP, 10,000 square kilometres of ice and rock, the Deosai Park, a 4,000-meter plateau, and the ecological corridor where the Indo River flows, in 2020 CKNP and Ev-K2-CNR, with Moncler’s support, hired more than 100 people who during the summer collected about 5,700 kg of waste, partly disposed of in the plant built by Ev-K2-CNR in Askole. This is an important contribution toward the region’s environmental protection and sustainable development.


Through Warmly Moncler projects, the Company works with various associations to protect people most in need from the cold.

For four years, through its support for UNICEF, the United Nations Children’s Fund that provides humanitarian aid to children, mothers, and communities, Moncler has been protecting children living in some of the coldest climates in the world, where extremely urgent conditions become even

more desperate in winter and make survival a daily struggle. From 2017 to 2020, thanks to its support to the UNICEF Winterization programme, the Company has protected about 50,000 children with basic necessities, kits for newborns, and blankets. In 2020 the Company also began to work with UNHCR, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, which protects the rights and wellbeing of

refugees around the world, by donating Moncler garments to populations in need.

Moncler has set a target to protect 100,000 people most in need from the cold during the period 2020-2023 and to support local communities with a high social value project every two years.


In 2020 Moncler implemented a number of initiatives to protect its people, clients, and suppliers from the COVID-19 pandemic, and also provided concrete support to the community for a total amount of about 5 million euros.
Homecare sanitary assistance for COVID patients
Moncler supported the experimental homecare sanitary assistance programme promoted by the Region of Lombardy and coordinated by the City of Milan’s Health Protection Agency by funding the purchase of tools, machines, and equipment for a total amount of 2 million euros. This project aims at strengthening proximity medical care to allow the timely diagnosis and treatment of COVID-19 patients and, together with general practitioners, relieve pressure on hospitals caused by subsequent epidemic waves.
Equipment for hospitals
Moncler responded to Fondazione Rava’s fundraising appeal for the purchase of equipment needed by the new COVID intensive care unit at the Policlinico of Milan. The donation of 100,000 euros contributed to equip this new unit and to

the purchase of machines for measuring the vital parameters of COVID-19 patients.
Distance learning and digitalization of schools
Moncler contributed to the digitalization process of elementary and middle schools in Milan, providing around 3,600 devices, including ipads and computers, and internet connections to support both distance and face-to-face learning. Throughout 2021, Moncler will also provide a tech support and helpdesk service for the electronic equipment it has supplied. The service, managed by the Politecnico of Milan and delivered by its students will be dedicated to schoolteachers, and to students, in case of specific needs.
To complete this 2 million euro project, with Moncler’s support, professors from the Politecnico will offer a 100-hour training programme to about 80 teachers who will learn to create an educational model, increasingly innovative and integrated with new technologies.
Surgical masks for employees and local communities
Protection is a fundamental part of Moncler’s DNA, a natural instinct that in

April 2020 led the Group to dedicate an entire manufacturing line at its industrial hub in Trebaseleghe, Padua, to the production of surgical masks. Bearing the CE mark and previously authorized by the Istituto Superiore di Sanità, the masks have been immediately distributed to Moncler employees, to the children of employees of the Italian offices and to some schools. In addition, the Company donated more than 100,000 masks to 3,000 students of the schools nearby the Trebaseleghe hub, Padua, and the logistics hub in Castel San Giovanni, Piacenza.
Other initiatives
Moncler donated more than 180,000 euros to the Civil Protection authority and to the town of Castel San Giovanni, Piacenza, and sponsored the Celebrity Fight Night of the Andrea Bocelli Foundation, which is also committed to supporting the healthcare system during the pandemic, with a particular focus on areas struck by earthquakes.