At Moncler, clients take centre stage. Every interaction is an opportunity to receive and learn, but also to share and engage. With this objective in mind, in 2015, Moncler began to implement the Retail Excellence project, covering 15 areas of operation, including redesigning the client experience, reorganising both shops and sales staff, and redefining shop procedures and operations. The essence of each intervention has been to design through the eyes of the client, which is key to achieving the sole objective of the project: to enhance the shopping experience for customers, involving them more and more in Moncler’s world. The project was completed in 2018 and this milestone marks a stepping stone in a new direction based on digitalisation and an omni-channel approach.
In an increasingly digital landscape, the strategic integration of all online and offline touchpoints is essential to offer clients a consistent, integrated and seamless shopping experience. For this purpose, Moncler has launched several projects aimed at redesigning the retail world from an inclusive perspective to offer clients a consistent experience across all channels.
In the EMEA, for example, an Omni-channel project has been implemented, which involves the development and provision of four multichannel services: Click and Reserve, Click from Store, Return In Store, and Pick Up In Store. These services allow clients to manage their purchases in a flexible way, tapping the full potential of the various contact channels: it becomes possible to book an item online and then try it on and

eventually try it on and eventually buy it in the shop (Click and Reserve), to order an item in the shop with the support of a Client Advisor and receive it comfortably at home (Click from Store), to make a return directly in the shop even if the purchase was made online (Return in Store) or to buy an item online and then pick it up directly in the shop (Pick Up in Store). In 2019, these services will be extended to other Regions. 
In 2018, the Retail Excellence 2.0 project was also launched. It contributed to further enhancing client experience in shops through digitalisation, while remaining faithful to the fundamental principles of the retail channel. Several activities have been launched to provide comprehensive technological management of shops: from the Match to Traffic system, which allows scheduling activities on the sales floor and thus improving client service, to the management of the warehouse with RFID that allows expediting the various transactions. The use of these technologies optimises operational tasks in shops, increasing efficiency and speeding up the various transactions. the use of these technologies leads to an optimization of operational tasks in the shop, favouring efficiency and thus providing more time to be devoted to end clients. In 2018, a digital payment service was launched in Germany and the United Kingdom, which enables sales to be completed directly on the sale floor, making the in-store experience even more enjoyable and faster. In 2019, the service will be extended to other countries.


Ensuring consistency and synergy between all the touchpoints in terms of actions, communication and approach to clients is increasingly important to establish a unique relationship with the brand. With this in mind, the philosophy and principles of the Retail Excellence, aimed at improving the purchasing experience of clients and their involvement in the Moncler universe, have also been extended to all partners in the wholesale channel, starting with mono-brand stores and airports.


Transferring best practices from the retail channel to the wholesale channel to provide clients with a unique brand experience has required specific initiatives in the various operating areas that have affected different areas of action: from in-store training, to the creation of personalised moments with clients aimed at developing long-term relationships, from the extension of after-sales services, to the consolidation of client service activities and communication. A crucial role has also been played by the coordination and synchronisation of the launch of campaigns and collections, including in particular the important project Moncler Genius, which was a hallmark initiative of 2018.


The launch in Milan of the Moncler Genius project was a major highlight in 2018: a new business model and at the same time a new way of communicating and interacting with clients.
Moncler Genius expresses variety because it gives voice to different creative people with different cultural backgrounds and styles. Each designer interprets Moncler through their own collection, which, while remaining true to the brand’s DNA, offers a personal point of view and speaks to a broad and diverse public.
Since the early 2000s, Moncler has been experimenting with a variety of different and multiple languages through various creative collaborations. With Moncler Genius this vision develops and amplifies: The result is a wide range of creations that speaks to different generations, while celebrating diversity and uniqueness. The uniqueness of each designer reflects that of each client. Hence our motto ‘One House, different voices’.
Moncler Genius also sets in motion a new strategy no longer dictated by seasons: the collections are no longer presented and made available to clients twice a year but reach the market on a monthly basis, supported by a comprehensive marketing and communication plan. With Moncler Genius, even the relationship with clients changes: the flow of communication is no longer in a single direction, but becomes more interactive and continuous in an omni-channel approach in which the most important and innovative driver is digital

technology. At every touchpoint with clients, the experience with the brand becomes increasingly distinctive, personalised, authentic and consistent.
This project marks a true quantum leap for the Company and has required a significant change in its culture: new ways of working, cross-functional working groups, processes and flows closely connected with the production chains and distribution partners.
Our manufacturing partners have played a key role not only in meeting the deadlines of the launch calendar, but also and above all in producing the different collections, which have required specific and sophisticated processes.
Likewise, our commercial partners, whether wholesale or e-tailer, have perfectly understood the project and their policies for the launch of the collections have been perfectly gauged to new monthly calendar, ensuring that the products are made available to clients at the same time all over the world. 
Moncler Genius is a contemporary project that is a tangible expression of the new concept of luxury, which is no longer aspirational but a source of inspiration and aggregation. Its strength brings a whole new energy that unites the brand, clients, and manufacturing and distribution partners, creating a true community.
It provides further proof that collaboration between different people, generations and cultures can generate extraordinary results.


Training is a crucial element in the growth of our Client Advisors and in their ability to build positive customer relationships.
While the continuous training provided to boutique personnel focuses on understanding the Brand, its history, products, style, materials, and production processes, and on the interpersonal skills and style required to best engage with clients, it also emphasises the importance of listening and relating to clients, which is essential to providing a service that truly meets their expectations.
The launch of the Moncler Genius project has required intense training activities for sales personnel. Indeed, Moncler Genius marks a watershed moment in the transition in the Brand’s style of communication by opening a continuous dialogue, which is consistent in its content and the manner it is delivered in, and in tune with each and every client. In this sense, the work done in engaging the Client Advisors as ambassadors of this new vision was crucial. In particular, clients have been accompanied to discover individual collections thanks to new and richer in-store experiences, each designed for a different target customer.
At the same time, in order to ensure a uniform and consistent approach to

clients and to the way the brand is communicated, 2018 was an intense year of training activities provided also to the staff of the main stores in the wholesale channel and in particular to that of the mono-brand stores (shop-in-shops). Training activities will continue in 2019. A training programme will be implemented through e-learning modules dedicated to the history and culture of Moncler, as well as to product knowledge. In this way, the client’s experience will be enhanced by the narrative of the company’s history and by an effective presentation of the distinctive and qualitative characteristics of Moncler’s products. The training activities will also be supported by new training material, provided during the morning briefings at the shop and through new digital training tools.
As regards the Retail channel, a training programme for Store Managers is expected to kick off in 2019, focusing on the development of employee management and leadership skills. A group of Client Advisors will also be selected within the Regions to guide a peer-to-peer training programme. The task of these Client Advisors will be to train colleagues and boost their basic skills and knowledge.


Listening to clients is a strategic choice when it comes to aligning the services offered with customer expectations and what with really matters to them. In 2018, Moncler extended the VIBE project worldwide. It provides for the systematic collection of client feedback after each purchase through a brief questionnaire that rates the different aspects of the shopping experience, including hospitality, personalisation, and service, on a scale of 1 to 5. The goal is to identify and redress any instance of client dissatisfaction, but above all to further support and focus Client Advisors in getting to know their customers, in order that they can offer a service that meets their expectations. In 2019, the service will also be extended to tourist clients.
The survey is structured in five phases: the day after their purchase, clients will receive by email or SMS a summary of their purchase, which they can save, and a questionnaire consisting of five short questions. Client feedback (VIBE) is immediately notified in the specific app available to the Client Advisor, who can then view the comment left by clients and thank them in order to strengthen the relationship.
If the client is not satisfied, it will be up to the Store Manager to find a solution to fully meet the customer’s

expectations and the area in which to take action to improve the shopping experience.
In 2018, Moncler recorded a high VIBE score, which measures our clients’ willingness to recommend Moncler to others. It stood at 89 (on a scale of 1 to 100). Moncler recognises the importance of listening to clients as a key element to improve the client experience and to increasingly offer a service of excellence. This is why the Company’s objective is to reach an index of 91 in 2019.
Also in this direction, Moncler launched in 2017 the development of a new direct communication channel, the Client Service. The Client Service was set up to serve as both a reference point for clients and a means to ensure a constant two-way dialogue with Moncler, with a view to continuous improvement. In 2018, the service, which is fully active in Europe, handled approximately 70,000 service requests from clients from the various channels, both physical and digital, in an omni-channel perspective. The project is expected to be extended globally during 2019, which will allow more service requests to be answered. This is not only an important result in terms of client service quality, but also a prerequisite for the development and completion of the integration strategy of the different channels.

After-sales service as an integral part of the client experience


Client relations are being expanded to include after-sales, which is an integral part of the broader client experience with Brand. After defining a global policy in 2017, identifying quality local tailors and providing its stores with a replacement accessories kit to make the service fast and excellent, in 2018 Moncler provided global training on both technical aspects and the client relationship, to all Client Advisors.
Moreover, with the aim of ensuring a consistent and uniform level of service at all touchpoints, Moncler is creating central repair platforms in key countries such as China and the United States to which all channels can refer.
Moncler has launched other projects that aim to improve the after-sales experience of its clients by making it global and consistent in all channels. Among these is the inclusion of a new feature dedicated to the after-sales service and integrated in MonClient, the digital Customer Relationship Management (CRM), which, in addition to managing directly and personally communication with clients, will promote an even more comprehensive management of the relationship.