In 2016, Moncler began to implement the Retail Excellence project, spanning a three-year period and covering 15 areas of intervention. It aims, among other things, to redesign the client experience, reorganise both stores and sales staff, and redefine store procedures and operations. The essence of each intervention is to design through the eyes of the client, which is key to achieving the sole objective of the project: to enhance the shopping experience for clients, involving them more and more in Moncler’s world.
Many activities were implemented in 2017, aimed primarily at developing a direct relationship between Moncler’s Client Advisors and clients. To this end, training was key, with new courses delivered through the Moncler Instant Sharing programme revolving around the selling ceremony, focused mainly on strengthening the key role of store man- agers in coaching the retail staff. Nurturing the growth of retail employees’ skills and expertise is a strategic lever for the Company and a means to differentiate the Brand. The continuous training provided to boutique personnel focuses on the understanding of the Brand, its history, products, style, materials, and production processes, and on the interpersonal skills and style required to best engage with clients. Even more so, it emphasises the importance of listening and relating to clients, essential to providing a service that truly meets expectations.

In 2017, the MonClient project was fully executed by extending it to 152 boutiques worldwide, enabling approximately 1,000 Client Advisors to establish a direct and personal relationship with their most loyal clients via their smartphones. In particular, more than 120 client interaction programmes were launched across the retail channel, designed, on the one hand, to turn Client Advisors into genuine Brand ambassadors and, on the other, to engage clients at an emotional level through storytelling and Brand details, and by offering opportunities for dialogue with the world of Moncler while creating a deeper appreciation of the Company’s many angles and level of sophistication. Smartphones are no longer simply a means to contact clients, and are increasingly becoming a comprehensive work tool: to date, 160 Client Advisors worldwide can complete sales transactions directly from their devices, making the in-store selling ceremony all the more enjoyable.
Client relations also encompass after-sales services, addressed by Moncler through the development of a shared global policy.

Furthermore, in 2017, through an organisational unit dedicated to improving the after-sales experience, the Company selected a number of tailor shops capable of delivering quality and efficient alterations and repairs, providing them with accessory kits to ensure timely services to clients. Projects aimed at improving the after-sales experience are expected to continue in 2018, including training activities for Client Advisors focusing on the technical and relational skills needed to handle more complex situations.

A gratifying shopping experience is determined not only by the interpersonal skills of the sales staff, but also by the ambience and comfort of the store. To this end, the Store Design project was launched to make Moncler’s stores and sales points more efficient and inviting for clients and Client Advisors alike, for example through the reorganisation of spaces, the provision of the most effective and functional staff tools and technologies, and the constant monitoring of safety.


Listening to clients is a strategic choice when it comes to aligning the services offered with client expectations and with what really matters to them.
In this regard, in 2017, Moncler launched a project in Europe and the United States, providing for the systematic collection of client feedback after each purchase through a brief questionnaire exploring different aspects of the shopping experience, including hospitality, personalisation, and service. The goal is to identify and redress any instance of customer dissatisfaction and, even more so, to give Client Advisors in-depth knowledge of their clientele, enabling them to offer a service that better meets expectations. The project is expected to be extended to Asia in early 2018, and to tourist clients in the second half of the year.

Similarly, the internal Client Service project launched in Italy in 2017, where it was fully operational by the end of the year, will be extended at European level in 2018 and at global level within three years. The Client Service was set up to serve as both a reference point for clients and a means to ensure a constant two-way dialogue between Moncler and its clientele, with a view to continuous improvement.
This project was an important turning point for the Company, marking a new direction for the future based on an omni-channel approach, which entails a redesign spanning from the client experience in Moncler’s boutiques to the client experience across all channels of interaction with the Brand.