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Enhancing each employee’s skill set is a priority for Moncler.


Moncler is a dynamic, challenging, always-stimulating work environment rich with opportunities for the growth and development of talent on a global level.

This happens through a career path dedicated to performance management which, through annual assessments of the performance and potential of each person at the Group, is intended to identify and develop the best talent, in the context of a culture which is increasingly focused on excellence.


Excellence should be sought out, nourished and cultivated.


Structured retail and corporate career paths are the basis of Moncler’s strategy to uphold increasingly-elevated performance. The Management Team places staff training and coaching at the forefront of its priorities.


The reward system at Moncler is meritocratic.


Committed to ensuring internal equity and attractiveness towards the external market, it’s mainly made up of one fixed element and one variable element.

In the short-term variable component, strategic goals are transformed into indicators based on a Balance Scorecard system, sub-divided into 4 areas:


• Financial/economics;
• Clients;
• Processes;
• Learning and growth.

The financial indicators are broken down into two points of view: collective and individual, to increase, on the one hand, the alignment with corporate objectives and, on the other, to improve the system’s ability to deliver excellent results.