The Moncler Group acknowledges and respects the right of workers to be represented by trade unions. It maintains an ongoing relationship with union representatives in a spirit of reciprocal recognition, dialogue and cooperation. Dealings and negotiations with trade unions are managed with the highest standards of transparency and integrity and in strict compliance with laws in force.

In Italy, France, Belgium, Austria and Spain, all employees are covered by collective bargaining agreements.
Moncler’s industrial relations policy is built on a commitment to constructive

dialogue, with a view to engaging workers’ representatives and maintaining a positive climate in the Company. This commitment to finding shared solutions has resulted in the total absence of conflict. Thanks to the collaborative climate that Moncler has sought to build over the years, once again in 2015 no strikes or union protests were organised against Moncler by workers employed by Group Companies. Similarly, no evidence was found of any action undermining freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining or placing those rights at risk.

A number of meetings were held in 2015 with trade unions at the Trebaseleghe (Padua – Italy) corporate office, headquarters for all Group operations. Agreements reached included the recognition of production bonuses for 2015 and 2016 for employees at Trebaseleghe, connected with the achievement of certain company results.

Although no corporate restructuring was pursued in 2015, Moncler is aware that certain strategic decisions can have repercussions for employees. Accordingly, in the event of significant organisational changes, such as the reorganisation of processes or other plans of significant impact,

the Group is committed to activating the disclosure and consultation procedures contemplated by law.