Moncler’s goal is to pursue the sustainable and responsible development of the brand in the luxury goods segment throughout a strategy directed to the continuous strengthening of its identity with reference to the positioning of the brand, in harmony and in line with the uniqueness of its heritage. This strategy is persued by focusing on the Brand’s strongest points and is declined in the following objectives:


Identity and unique positioning

Moncler brand has a unique heritage which is its main asset and permeates through its entire strategy. Heritage, quality, uniqueness and consistency define and characterise every Moncler garment

Global Brand

In recent years Moncler has pursued a strategy of growth geared towards becoming a global brand with no filters with the market. This has been achieved by keeping a firm control on business and by reaching out directly on the customers, both wholesale and retail.


Sustainable Growth

The Brand is progressively strengthening its commitment to long-term sustainable growth, with a view to meeting stakeholders’ expectations and creating shared value

Direct relationship with the clients

Moncler considers its customers the focus of all of its actions and initiatives. Reinforcing the direct relationship with its clients, also through the continuous refurbishment of the boutiques, engagement and understanding of their expectations are the keystones of the relationship that Moncler seeks to build with its clients, never failing to amaze them


Reinforcement and expansion of the retail presence

The Group aims at developing its retail distribution network through the opening of new DOS in the most important and prestigious locations worldwide


Selective development of the wholesale channel

Moncler has always adapted a highly selective distribution policy tightly controlling customer order quantities, so that the brand is now only present in the leading luxury multi-brand shops and department stores around the world


Selective expansion of the product range

Thanks to its strong tradition and the credibility it has built over the years, Moncler has consolidated its position as worldwide leader in the premium down jacket segment. The Group is now selectively expanding outside its core business into complementary market segments – segments where it has, or is able to achieve, instant recognition and in-depth know-how


Strengthening of the industrial culture:

Moncler continuously invests in technological innovation of the product and materials