Moncler invests great energy in selecting the best talent, their professional development, promoting well-being and offering a secure, meritocratic and stimulating working environment where diversity is valued and each person has the opportunity to fully express their skills, potential and talent.

We provide those who decide to work for us with:
• a dynamic, structured and collaborative working environment, where professionalism from different cultures works together;
• a global and internationally recognised brand where you can optimise your talent and develop as a professional;
• the opportunity to continuously progress with new projects and fresh challenges, in a fast-paced, demanding environment where excellence pervades every level.


Training plays a key part in developing individuals. Indeed, it is an important instrument for developing and consolidating individual skills and at the same time for sharing the Company’s values and strategy, supporting its growth and its cultural and organisational development


Moncler’s remuneration and benefits system is designed in such a way as to attract, motivate and retain the most talented staff. It is based on principles of fairness, equal opportunities and meritocracy.